Beach, Gingerbread and Carols

Today was packed with different things. We went for a walk along Burleigh Beach. Walking on the soft sand was not an option; it was too hot. Walking on the hard sand just out of the water was not an option; it was too hard. Walking on the sand with the water lapping at Kyah’s ankles was just perfect; the sand was not too soft, not too hard, not too hot and the water kept her feet nice and cool, not to mention the external forces of the waves contacting Kyah’s foot – to help increase the stability needed.

Her achilles was a bit sore in the evening but I assume that was because of the distance (we walked 1.5km), and the newness of the activity. It will recover and get better.


In the afternoon we had a gingerbread making activity with some friends. The Howie’s came over; SiSi and Corby, and we met 2 new girls: Penny and Annie and then Kyah and Emily made 6 kids in total. They made a gingerbread house each and did some Christmas crafts. That kept them all busy and quiet for 2 hours, which was nice.


Then in the evening we went to some Christmas Carols at Ashmore. The rain kept a lot of people away, but those of us that did go had a great time. Brollies were required for the first half hour. After that we were able to stand up and walk around and catch up with lots of people that we knew. Carrie was hosting with Aloe (hope correct spelling). Lee and Jonty blessed us with their beautiful singing, most of the crew from church were there playing the instruments and then some very special people from church were there that we got to see.


All in all, it was a lovely day, and the foot felt OK by bed time. The oil is going on regularly and I am hoping there are reports it is feeling really good, really soon. The range in it is still very restricted and obviously needs some gentle encouragement. That is the new physiotherapists job….. Tuesday.


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