Kyah has been very busy with school, dancing and her other commitments. We manage to fit so many things into a day and a week, it is amazing. We never seem to get a chance to just sit and relax. Life is just flying by. Kyah is counting the hours until Christmas! What a scary thought.

As part of Kyah’s requirements for one of the education programs she is doing, Kyah is required to do prac teaching. So for the last 4 weeks, Kyah has been helping to teach a group of 3-4 year olds jazz! . It is so cute to think about Kyah as a teacher of little children. She would be so good – she is such a patient person and she is an amazing natural teacher anyway. This will continue now for a few months, so I assume Kyah will be quite experienced at teaching little children by the end of it.

When Kyah was at a dance school, she was asked to help out with the younger children for the end of year concert. This involved Kyah learning their routine, and being on stage doing the routine to help the children remember what to do – showing the little kids what to do and directing them, as well as help the kids move on the stage and ensure they were on time. She did such a good job. Anyway, this prac teaching will be great for her confidence and it is the perfect start to getting into teaching  – which is one avenue she will pursue in time.

Two weeks ago, we had a massive scare! We get most of Kyah’s performances recorded on USB, so we have a record of what she has done. Kyah can then watch it over to critique herself but it is also a great memory for us. Anyway, after the last eisteddfod, Kyah went to watch her performances that were put on the same USB, we were both so upset to see that the USB itself had had a hissy fit and decided to lose all files except 1 dance!

We were both so upset that we had possibly lost all record of her dances over the last 3 years! I had never backed the files up to anything…. lesson learned. I contacted the owner of the company whom we had bought the videos from and explained to him the situation. He was fantastic. He kept a copy of all the files he has filmed. So we spent a few hours back at eisteddfods getting all the past dances uploaded back onto the USB. Needless to say, I have a second USB with copies now, and I am uploading all her dances to my private YouTube channel. It was such a relief to know the only record we had of Kyah dancing for the last three years, could be retrieved and was not lost to cyber space somewhere…

Kyah is continuing to dance at various dance places, with a variety of dance teachers. This is good for her; having a variety of teachers, they teach differently, they will make similar suggestions in a different way and it makes sense to Kyah. Also, not having only one or two teachers teach you is a bonus. Kyah is very receptive to different teachers, and she is not fixed with one style of ballet. She is learning a bit of RAD (Royal Academy of Dance style), Vaganova,  Cecchetti and each teachers’ own slight variation / interpretation of the style they teach. This means Kyah is not “fixed” with one ballet technique ingrained in her movement patterns; she is very adaptable to change to a different style. There are many kids out there that have only got one or two teachers, which means they are less likely to be able to adapt to an alternate style of ballet quickly.

Kyah was dancing the other day and her teacher on the day commented on her pointe shoes – stating they probably needed to be changed. No sooner had she said it when her pointe shoe literally fell apart! Thankfully she was not dancing at the time. So we have now got another pair of pojnte shoes. It is amazing how fast pointe shoes wear out and need replacing. We will go get a second pair in a couple of weeks to have two on the go. Apparently two pairs on the go is what is recommended.

We went to see Bangarra perform the other evening. They were fantastic. They are just so athletic, strong and lithe. The performance was titled Bennelong. Absolutely fantastic. They received a standing ovation after the performance and really did deserve it. We both thoroughly enjoy watching Bangarra perform. Our dear friend, Anne, shouted tickets for us. Thank you so much Anne, we wish you could have come with us.

The next few weeks are even more busy for us than what we have been, if that is even possible. Kyah has an eisteddfod dance tomorrow. The section is Own Choreography.  She has choreographed her own dance – a classical genre. Most kids will usually choreograph a lyrical or contemporary style of dance, but Kyah decided to do a classical. It will be interesting to see if anyone else choreographs a classical style of dance.

We are hoping she is well enough to dance. At the moment she is a bit affected with the flu. It has been pretty bad this season and it has hit Kyah, now for the third time. I really think she is doing too much and we are in the process of trying to cut down her responsibilities a bit; just to give her a bit of a break and to allow her the opportunity to give her passion a real go.

Next week Kyah has a huge audition with Queensland Ballet, Senior program. We are really hoping she is successful. This is where she wants to dance as a company member. So many dancers want to dance overseas, but Kyah would love to dance with Queensland Ballet. They have such a great reputation around the world, why would you want to go overseas when you have some of the best teaching faculty, and one of the best classical dance companies right here in Australia and also very close to our home. Prayers please, those of you that do pray, for a successful audition process and selection into the senior program with Queensland Ballet. Thank you all in advance.

Kyah was supposed to audition with Queensland Ballet last year, but she was unable to due to her injury; now totally healed.  Her foot is little bit larger around her ankle and the burn mark is still there but there is nothing structurally or physically wrong with her foot at all. Praise The Lord.

The following day, after the audition, Kyah has her classical and contemporary dances to perform again. As I said in the last post, the reason behind Kyah participating in eisteddfods is for her to get used to holding the audiences’ attention. She is the only performer and this requires more skill than if you were dancing in a group. Whether she places or not is really irrelevant (although it is always nice to place and be acknowledged), but it is one person’s opinion of the performance, and we use each performance as a guide for Kyah to work towards more consistent, confident performances and working on something in particular. – how was her warm-up, her turns, her eye contact with the adjudicator, audience etc.  You can’t practice performing in front of an audience if you don’t do eisteddfods.

1Jo 4:4 You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.


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