Backing Off

Well, for the time being, Kyah has decided to give dancing away. What very sad, tragic news. I think she needs to have a break from all the pressure of full time dance and to get back to enjoying being a child again. There’s plenty of time to  take life seriously when she gets older. She obviously needs to have a break from it all. Most people will need a break at some stage from the intensity of life, especially when kids have been doing something high intensity for a long time. Kyah has been dancing since she was 2.5 years old. I am glad it is now that Kyah wants (needs), her break. I am also very happy that she knows she is able to speak up and say she needs a break, rather than not feeling like she is able to say anything and falls apart slowly.

The most important thing is that my child finds who she is and, that she is secure in herself.  No matter what is said to her, by whoever. she will not be moved by them. Life is full of people who want to crush you and the dance world is no exception. If Kyah can find who she is and be so secure in herself, that she is not moved by what anyone says, she will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. It won’t matter what people say to her, whether she places first or not in something, whether she dances or not. My hope is that Kyah will be secure enough in herself to know that she is special, she is important, and she is loved, no matter what.

For the time being, blogging will be reduced to weekly. The mental and emotional work that is necessary now will take a bit longer than the physical, so to save you all from the painfully boring updates, I am hoping weekly blogs may be more exciting. Thank you all for your support, emails, texts, phone calls, replies – they all mean so much to us. Both Kyah and I are extremely grateful to you all for your support, feedback, advice and love.

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