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Today Kyah performed in the Gold Coast Eisteddfod. She has not performed in an eisteddfod since May 2, 2017. Back then,  at the end of May, just before her opening of BULWA, she tore the ligaments in her ankle. It has taken her this long to get back on track, on pointe and into some sort of “normality” again, with confidence and drive.

We have been taught by a number of dance teachers not to place too much emphasis on placing for eisteddfods; it is usually only one person’s opinion, it is determined by each persons’ performance on the day, and it is subjective. The teachers have encouraged Kyah to use eisteddfods to gain confidence and evaluate her performance and see where she can improve on each dance. Each person performing has a different journey and intent from performing. Kyah’s main goal is for longevity and to improve in all aspects with every performance, unlike others who have the desire to win all eisteddfods. That is totally fine for them, but it is not Kyah’s intent. Today was a “get back on stage and see how you feel”. It is pretty sad when others try to intimidate and mock dancers to put them off. Why can’t they encourage and compliment… Oh well, at least it is making Kyah more resilient.

Here is a photo of Kyah in her classical today.

Kyah has been very time poor the last few weeks. This third term of school has been extremely busy. Just so much work for school – reading, research, assignments, prepping for assessments. Then add her dance commitments on top. It will continue like this for at least another 2 months. I try to ensure she has some time “off” on the weekends. So far, she has been able to catch up with friends at least one day on most weekends this term. The current entertainment fad for the girls is the theme parks – such a great option for them, especially when it’s not school holidays and they don’t have to take on the crowds.


Here is a photo of Kyah doing her contemporary dance today. Looking at Kyah’s feet you would never know she had an injury so horrific as what she did, almost 1 year ago!! Gosh, time has flown.

With all my knowledge of strength training, exercise, flexibility, biomechanics, and how the body works, I am still fascinated by how any dancer can get into so many positions, just lift their leg up beyond normal range, hold it for seconds at a time, gracefully point their toes, seemingly defy gravity, and make it look easy. Dancers are absolutely amazing. Their strength, flexibility, lithe-ness, agility…. basically athleticism is so underrated. The more I watch dancers, the more I am totally amazed at what some are capable of. I have worked with athletes of all levels for 30 years and I think dancers must be up there with the most impressive.

Eph 2:10 For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

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