Back on Track

I finally feel like we are back on track. Kyah is able to walk without the moon boot, although she is still very cautious with foot placement. Her foot is no where near as uncomfortable and painful as it was. The swelling seems to have stayed down.

Kyah went and enjoyed a day with her friend Emily. They had lunch together and went to the pool. Kyah did some rehab while Emily did some laps. They had fun as well.

Then I had to go to work. Kyah came with me. We both got adjusted by Darren as soon as we arrived which definitely helped our very stiff, sore backs, from the car accident we had yesterday. Kyah did some rehab and lots of walking around. It is amazing how mobile she has become, in a very short period of time. Especially considering the severity of the initial injury.

Let’s hope with age on her side, she will heal completely and is able to dance professionally – her lifetime dream.

Kyah also did her pedicure. No more half-worn-off red nail polish for you to be subjected to.

We are off to look at tutus tomorrow, along with seeing the doctor and putting a police report in. Busy day, for a change….


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