Another Milestone Reached

Kyah had an easy day today. No rehab… We had some dear friends, the Howie’s, come over for lunch. It was lovely sitting and chatting while Kyah played with the kids. We returned the push chair, so we have no more wheel chairs or push chairs in our house. We hope we will never, ever need one again. Thank you Kylie and Paul for everything you did, and are still doing, for us.

We had to go out in the afternoon. I strapped Kyah’s foot with a bandage and she managed to squeeze her foot into a shoe.  It was a bit tight and uncomfortable, but she managed to wear it for a short while.

Hopefully we can ditch the moon boot and get her walking in a more ideal pattern now. This will help the knees and hips that are starting to complain because of the length discrepancy. Oh, the things we need to deal with.

Back into it all tomorrow again. I am hoping and praying that Kyah sees and feels progress with her foot, to help encourage her to work harder. Time is ticking by and she needs to start thinking about trying to dance soon; in ballet flats first. Pointe shoes are not even a thought for her left foot until next year sometime…Image result for ballet shoes images free


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