Another Day Done

Yes, another day has been completed. Kyah did some rehab in the pool at Cathy’s and she said her plantar flexion improves when she is in the pool. Obviously the weightlessness of being in the pool and the compressive force of the water around her ankle give her more confidence and security with doing things.

Her ankle stability is getting better every day. Her flexibility in her achilles is improving, her plantar flexion is improving. Lots of things are progressing and she is still very positive in her attitude but she still has a long way to go.  Yes, there is still a huge journey Kyah must travel until she reaches her ultimate goal.

I am hoping and praying her psychological barriers are being slowly chipped away with the physical achievements she is attaining every day. I continue to remind Kyah what the specialist orthopaedic surgeon told us: the ankle joint is the best joint in the body to injure if you want to to come back better, stronger and more mobile than it was before.

In the evening we went and visited some friends and walked around to see the local Christmas light displays. It was a nice evening had, spending time with nice people … and their pets…..

Thanks Abi for letting Kyah play with your lizard, and, keeping it away from me!

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