And so it is …

It is with a heavy heart this will be the final post for Kyah’s Journey.
One of my sisters has spent her lifetime trying to destroy me: ruin my good name and reputation, get me in trouble with authorities, create friction with myself and others, and she has defamed me to many people.

It seems she has been consumed with this vengeance for a lifetime – literally.

I have no idea why.

As a matter of self preservation, I chose to cut her out of my life many years ago.

The father said to his daughter “The right place values you the right way”, If you are not valued, do not be angry, it simply means you are in the wrong place. Those who know your value are those who appreciate you……Never stay in a place where no one sees your value.

Unfortunately, now that Dad is unwell, she has come back into my life. All the negativity that was associated with her has come back too. Again, she has defamed me, lied about me to many, many people. She has all but stopped myself and Kyah from being able to see my sick, dying father. She has lied to my step mother about me, and she has done her utmost to destroy that relationship. She has also all but stopped Kyah from having a relationship with her grandmother – that is not acceptable.

I am no longer going to allow this sister to do this. I am taking legal action against her for a number of issues. However, because she is unpredictable in her behaviour, at the advice of the police and other authorities, Kyah and I are moving to an unknown location – this will not be made public. Those of you that know us, can contact me privately.

As a consequence of this, Kyah’s Journey must cease for now. We cannot risk this sister – or any of her immediate family, friends, or puppets, know where we are, or anything about us. Sadly, she has succeeded in stopping me doing something else I enjoyed. Hopefully soon we will be able to live without her in our lives.

Revelation 20:12 And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Then another book was opened, which is the book of life. And the dead were judged by what was written in the books, according to what they had done.

3 thoughts on “And so it is …

  1. Jenny Semionov says:

    Oh Kerrie and Kyah,
    I am saddened to hear what you’re going through – it’s unbelievable!
    We will continue to pray for you both and look forward to hearing God has brought you through this terrible storm.
    May God have His Mighty hand on you and Kyah, and bless you on this journey you are on!

  2. Gwenda says:

    Omg guys, this is terrible, stay safe & hold your heads high, you have been a wonderful mother & friend to many, Karma will catchup with her xxx

  3. Anne Herman says:

    Dearest Kerrie and Kyah… very sad, for you and us, your friends who have so enjoyed travelling with you both on this incredible journey.
    I know how close you are with your Father, and now to find yourself in this situation must be heartbreaking. For Kyah to be denied a relationship with her Grandmother is indeed a cruel blow.
    I do hope some kind of resolution is forged, and you may be able to spend some time with your Father.
    Thinking of you both, and hoping for better days ahead as wrongs are righted.
    Thankyou for allowing us to be part of your circle as Kyah’s JOURNEY unfolded, it is not over – simply a new direction is undertaken…..

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