An Ongoing Issue

The last few weeks have been full of very different and challenging activities for us. One that has really affected Kyah both physically and mentally, other situations have been rather pleasant.

Kyah has completed her 100 hours of driving. She has had three professional lessons. Russell, her instructor believes she is more than ready to do her driving test. That is now booked in for mid August.

We have been looking for a car for Kyah to purchase. The first car we looked at, we realise, in hindsight, that it was probably stolen. The guy selling it didn’t know much about the information in the log books, there was no rego plates on the car, he wanted me to pay him a “deposit” so he could get the road worthy certificate and to top it off he wanted the entire amount in cash! We escaped that one scarless.

The second car we actually purchased from a car yard, thinking it was a safer option. Within 5 days of purchasing it I took it to Lexus so they could do a thorough check on it and write down everything that was wrong with it so we could get it fixed under the warranty. Unfortunately for us, Lexus did not have much good to say about the car. There was a list as long as my arm of little things that were questionable with the car and “…by the way, the car has been in an accident”! Well, I was not happy.

The guys at Lexus of Kedron were amazing and supportive but did not hold much hope for me to get the money back. They obviously don’t know me that well.

I rang “Irish Brian” and told him we wanted the money back because he had sold us an un-roadworthy vehicle. The technicality of the casing of the headlight not being secured meant the car was not road worthy. “Irish Brian” did not want to give us the money back. When I asked him about the accident the car was in and why had he told me it hadn’t been in an accident he got a bit irate. I was not going to back down. He sold me a car that he knew was for Kyah. He knew the fuel gauge was faulty. That in itself is not acceptable. You do not allow any new driver to drive a vehicle with a faulty fuel gauge. Imagine the issues they could face….

“Irish Brian” told me I needed to accept the fact he was going to fix these “few” items and do a wheel alignment and I should keep the car. I said that the only way I would keep the vehicle was if I had the RACQ do a thorough check of the vehicle and if it came back that car had been in an accident I would take him to the ACCC, Queensland Transport and Main Roads, and whatever current affairs program would listen to me. “Irish Brian” did not like that. He then proceeded to hurl abuse and threats at me. He hung up on me. I rang back. Again the abuse was hurled at me and he said he didn’t want anything to do with me, so I was to take the car back and he would give me my money back.

I suggested a meeting place of Fortitude Valley Police Station so I could be assured of my money and that I received all necessary pieces of paperwork. After that “the manager” dealt with me. She was a lot less explosive and abusive. I took the vehicle back the next day and got all the money back. I guess I won!!!

Lesson: No matter what vehicle you are looking at purchasing and how good it appears, you need to get it checked out professionally before you purchase it. Also, don’t trust a car salesman even if they work in a car yard.

Then we found a great vehicle in Newcastle. Kyah’s dad (Kevin), went and looked at it and took it for a test drive, got it checked out and this has a 12 month warranty. Kevin drove it up last Wednesday and surprised Kyah with the vehicle. The three of us have gone thirds in the vehicle, so Kyah was able to buy a very decent car that is safe, reliable, economical and just what she wants. So third time lucky. She is one very fortunate girl. She is very much looking forward to getting her Provisional Licence so she does not have to catch a bus or rely on me any more. Won’t be too long now. 

This is Kyah’s new car. What a lovely car for a first vehicle. A very blessed girl.

In the meantime while we were looking for a car for Kyah, we found another car the same make, model and year, in Rockhampton. The only issue with the car was that it has a few decent scratches on it, but 30,000 less kilometres on it. Anyway, I decided that it was great buy so I purchased that car. Within 24 hours of me deciding I would buy that car I sold my car! Just waiting for my new vehicle to be trucked down to me. Mind you, there is always a hassle in something that we do. I have never had anything happen without some sort of hiccup, and this is no different. The car was supposed to be put on a truck and brought down yesterday. Unfortunately the company stuffed up the order and the car won’t be put on a truck until Monday. Little hiccup – not too bad. The vehicle should arrive in 5 days time.

While I’m waiting for my new vehicle, I have Kyah’s to use. Something that could have been extremely awkward and disruptive to our lives has turned out pretty seamless. We are both happy it’s worked out relatively easy and we are both looking forward to having our own new vehicles really soon.    

Kyah goes for her driving test on August 18. Naturally we are hoping she will succeed the first time. The professional driver that has taken Kyah for a few lessons seems to think she will pass. I will take her for a few drives up in the area where she will have her test, just so she is kind of familiar with the area.

The neighbour’s cat is keeping us entertained. He is clever enough to know that if he wants to come in our house all he has to do is sit at the door and make the bell on his collar ring. He often comes in and hangs around all day. He has even had a few sleep overs recently. He plays a lot with Kyah, loves running in front of her to try to trip her up, he chases her around and plays with her hair.  When Kyah is on the floor playing with him, he walks up to her and gives her a head butt!  That is the start of the games. He is such a funny little cat. When he’s ready to go outside he sits at the door and rings the bell on his collar. We let him out and off he goes, until next time.

Lunar, the neighbour’s cat having a sleep over.

Kyah has one module of her diploma to receive a “competent” on and then she has completed her Diploma of Business. It has been a bit of a nightmare waiting for feedback. Add to that, the quality and detail of feedback has been really poor the entire way through. I ended up having to complain to the “Training and QualityManager” again about the lack of detail and slow response Kyah was receiving from her trainer. Finally Kyah was given another trainer to mark her last two modules. One came back as “competent” and the other module has just a couple of small corrections/additions to make and she should be done. It has been a very arduous journey for her to undertake and complete this diploma. It would have been a more enjoyable experience for her if the trainer assigned to her was helpful like the last one has been. But nevertheless, she has managed to get through it.

Kyah has started her online Pilates course. She is enjoying it so far. Add to that she is trying to prepare for the final exams of year 12. She is studying Hamlet for english. Not long to go and the year will be over and she will be in a new phase of her life.

Ballet has been very trying mentally and physically, for Kyah this year. She has had injured feet; both of them since the end of last year. The pain is more toward the back of her ankles, near her achilles. The academy physiotherapists have been treating her all year. Unfortunately, they have been treating her for impingements in her heels. Because she wasn’t getting better, they finally, in July, they arranged for scans and MRI’s of her feet. The scans have shown she has inflammation of her achilles and all the smaller ligaments in the back of her feet as well as impingements. Needless to say, she has not been getting better. A very frustrating situation for both of us.

I have been allowing the physiotherapists to treat her because she wanted to be a full part of the academy and be treated by their physios. Also, the academy prefer it if their dancers see their physios so they know exactly what is going on with each of the dancers. This is understandable. I have not played much of a role with addressing the issues Kyah has had, because I was relying on them to do the right thing by Kyah.  Now, I realise I should have been keeping a close eye on Kyah with regards to her body, rehab and prehab. Both of us feel like she has almost “wasted” this entire year waiting to get better. She has hardly danced. I would have managed the injury much differently, but what could I do? I am now addressing the inflammation and impingement issues the way I think it should be handled. One thing I realised over 30 years ago with my work, is that every person’s body is different and responds differently to things such as exercise, rehab, massage, acupuncture, dry needling,  food, drink, medication etc. Every single person needs to be looked at as an individual and treated accordingly. I am not sure Kyah has been.

We both hope Kyah will start feeling better very soon. Unfortunately, the inflammation is quite severe; the sports medicine doctor we saw made a comment that it is one of the worst cases of inflammation she has seen. It won’t be fixed quickly; but at least I know what Kyah’s body responds to positively and what her body doesn’t like. So there is hope she will heal. 

We have been to see my dad, Kyah’s grandfather. It is very sad to see someone you love slowing down and moving towards the end of their life. We are really fortunate that we’ve been able to go into the care facility where dad is living. Hopefully the second wave of COVID-19 that is threatening to start up again is not successful, otherwise we will be in lockdown yet again and we won’t be able to see dad.

We have had a few catch ups with friends. Not many, but we’ve been out a couple of times. It’s been nice to be able to still get out and about. We are hoping the latest little outbreak in the southern suburbs of Brisbane does not explode like COVID has in Melbourne.

We have had a few movie marathon afternoons / nights. One marathon was Mr & Mrs Smith, then Oceans 11, Oceans 12 and Oceans 13. What a great evening. A bit of physical relaxation while watching a few action / comedy / drama movies. Another movie evening was the double comedy session with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito; Twins and Junior.  We have seen all these movies before, but it is nice to relax and watch something again when you enjoy it. 

We are still culling things from our house. We are starting to look for a house to buy and move into, so we would like to make sure we are rid of everything we don’t need. I refurbished this table and put it up for sale.  It sold today. The people buying it, loved it so much they gave us more money than we were asking! 

A table we refurbished and sold.

There’s only one more month of winter to get through. Kyah will be really happy when she gets her licence and does not have to get up early each morning to catch a bus in the cold. We are also both noticing that the mornings are getting lighter again too. It is not ice to be leaving the house when the stars are still out.

Every day is just so busy for both of us. We do look forward to resting on the weekends. Soon enough, life will be very different for us with no school commitments, Kyah having her own driver’s licence, living in our own home; renovating it, and not having to do food prep every weekend.

Part of the weekly food prep.

. Proverbs: 15:3 The eyes of the LORD are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.   

2 thoughts on “An Ongoing Issue

  1. Anne says:

    I am always amazed at what you undertake and achieve in any given day, week or month… hectic….some wonderful milestones and some challenges as well…..
    An ongoing injury is such dispiriting experience….I do hope there is some resolution soon…..
    Very exciting news about Kyah and her car, as well as her soon to be a “ real driver “ on the road……
    Thinking of you ……take and stay safe….

    • admin says:

      Yes, Anne life is very hectic for us. As you know Kyah has faced some very challenging issues throughout this journey. Some very exciting things for her to look forward to. We all need positives in our lives hey?

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