An Inspiring Day

Kyah’s foot is still swollen and very sore. Minimal rehab was done again. We need to focus on getting the swelling and pain down before she can weight bear, because if we don’t, she will weight bear with compensations. Anyone knows if you start compensating because of pain, you create bad motor patterns and set yourself up for more pain and dysfunction down the track.

So RICE was on the menu for the day.

Kyah went up to Brisbane to watch Queensland Ballet perform some open classes. Her teacher, Nika, took her up and they were able to watch 2 open classes. This was such a treat for Kyah.

A massive “thank you” to Nika; Kyah came home with a huge smile on her face and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. I am sure she was inspired by the beautiful dancers and just encouraged┬áto continue on this journey of hers to achieve her goals.

Tonight we are trialling wrapping Kyah’s foot in washing soda. A friend suggested it and it reminded me of times gone by where people used to put washing soda in a pillow case and wrap it around the swollen joint (knees in particular), leave it on overnight, and in the morning the swelling is gone from the joint.

We can only try. Something has to get this swelling down.


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