A Good Day

Today was good. Kyah did lots of rehab for her foot and it is definitely progressing with her stability. It is no where near what it should be but it is amazing how good it is already. Kyah has a long way to go with complete stability and strength  – but her progress is fantastic.

She is doing lots of work on the foam pad and the foam balance beam and using the body blades which are also helping her shoulders; they are very hypermobile so the improvement in stability with them will be very beneficial.

Kyah’s cubiod was out of place again, so she used the massage ball and put it back in. I have strapped her foot to help the bone stay in place. Let’s hope the stability exercises she is doing will help train the ligaments to keep the bone in place permanently.

We did the grocery shopping after work and we used our new shopping bags. They are so easy to use especially when you shop at Aldi. Kyah loved using them, and as we were walking around the shops  we noticed lots of people were looking at us. We decided maybe they have “bag envy”. They shouldn’t be envious, they should go and buy their own – they are fantastic.


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