A Willing Participant

Kyah had a 2 hour dance session today. A 1-hour private and a 1-hour session with another girl. It was thoroughly enjoyable for her. Her foot felt great – I had strapped it just for support for the 2 hour session. We would both rather err on the side of caution at the moment. Even though her left foot seems to be more stable than the right now, I think it is wise to protect it a bit still.

I wonder how long it will take before we don’t remember the severity of the injury and really are at the stage where we don’t consider her foot at all.

I know we have all had an injury of some sort at some stage in our lives and for a period of time, the injury and the rehab are the focus, but after a while, the injury itself and protecting the injured part become a distant memory.  I wonder at what stage this will happen with this.

Hopefully not too soon.  I mean that in the sense of us remembering the miracle that occurred, the injury itself we really need to move on from… totally.  We need to be aware that, yes, Kyah had a terrible injury occur to her foot, but now she is on the road to a complete recovery.

Some people believe the injury was extremely supernatural. The fact that her skin did not tear and she did not need surgery of any sort, nor face the risk of infection due to an open wound, is also very supernatural in this case. Kyah  was supernaturally protected by a miracle from God. So many miracles happen to us through our lives; for a period of time we are focused on the miracle and being grateful and thankful for the miracle, but then, after a while we tend to forget the miracles we have had, and we believe we are not blessed, or protected, or that God does not even know we exist. It is amazing how fast we forget!

I would like to think we (Kyah and I), are forever thankful for, and always aware of, the  miracle that happened to Kyah, rather than us simply allow the  injury and the rehab process to disappear into our memory bank, like so many other miracles do.

Every day, Kyah is looking more normal with her actions, behaviour and gait. Her foot looked almost completely normal this evening considering the huge day she had. After the 2 hours of dance, she went and spent 3-4 hours in the pool playing with some friends. Then after that it was time for a rehab / strength session. Kyah did well; there was no comments at all today, that her foot was sore or fatigued, so it is really improving, and quite quickly, all things considered.



When she has had a big day and her foot is feeling sore, we make a point of putting the FSB oil onto it. Usually in the morning when she gets up, she reports her foot feels pretty good. It is hard to know if the FSB oil is a contributor to her feeling better or not, we are just extremely thankful she is actually healing as fast as she is. On a day like today, when Kyah has had a really big activity day, I encourage her to massage some oil into her foot, just to help with repair and healing. She is healing, so I am trying to make sure that what we have been doing, we continue to do, in order to continue reaping the benefits.

Be warned, if you want to come and stay for any length of time, it will be expected you participate in Kyah’s strength / rehab sessions. This one today involved some squat presses, boxing using the floor to ceiling ball and a couple of additional exercises. Vanessa was a willing participant, as you can see in the background.

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