A Renewed Drive

Today Kyah spent some time with Cathy and Darcy in the morning while I worked. Then she came to the gym and did her rehab.

I am now going to start focusing on the Achilles tendon. I have been told there is a huge risk of Kyah returning too soon to exercise and possibly tearing the Achilles. If this happens, she will be out of dancing forever. So, now, on top of the stability we must do for the ankle, we must now also start looking at lengthening and strengthening the Achilles.

I’m sure most people know the Achilles is a real problem to heal and takes a very long time to return to normal function, if it is injured. This is because tendons don’t have as much blood supply as a muscle. We need to be aware now and start looking after the Achilles really well.

On top of the rehab Kyah did, she had her Tens machine on her Achilles for 20 minutes. This is now something we will be doing every day, along with ice and heat on the Achilles and some very gentle, and short duration exercise and much to Kyah’s displeasure: massage! Kidding, she loves a massage!!! The exercise will gradually build up and over time, the ice, heat, massage and Tens will ease off. Hopefully this will prevent any issues arising with the Achilles.

We know Kyah has been given a gift – that of dancing. We need to trust that this gift will not be sabotaged by forces unseen; which is what it seems like happened initially – her injury was something very unnatural.  We need not worry about the outcome, but we also need to fight with prayer against principalities and powers, and we need to take action to do what is recommended and suggested by specialists to help Kyah’s healing in the natural world.

So don’t worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will have its own worries. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matt 6:34

Again the biggest mountain Kyah must overcome is that of getting back en pointe.


The Versa Climber. Some of you may remember using this piece of equipment years ago with me in the gym. Yes, it is the same one! Still going strong. The unbreakable Versa. Kyah will start with 2 minutes on this.


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