A Really Positive Day

Today was a really good day. Kyah was keen to do her rehab and her school work. It seemed it was not an effort for me to get her to do it, she just seemed to get it done. I’m hoping this attitude stays.

Kyah went to dancing today and took her pointe shoes. Only one shoe was worn! Left one was not even considered…. It is good mentally and physiologically to start practicing dancing in her pointe shoe. Getting back into what she has known for so long is great for her, from a number of perspectives. It is still a very long road ahead. The left foot is not pointed much at all, so it looks quite strange. But, it will get there.


We started discussing colours and designs for the second tutu. The first tutu is for a specific dance so the colours are already decided based on the colours of other tutus that perform that repertoire. The second tutu however, is for Kyah’s classical solo, so we can make it look any way we like. Again, discussing these things is exciting for Kyah and brings the goal a little closer to becoming a reality.

Watching the tutus come to the finished product is very exciting. It is also very time consuming, so they must be started now.

The new physio was very encouraging too. She seemed to know what she was doing and was very reassuring with her assessment and prescription of very specific exercises. She was amazed at how far Kyah has come in such a short time considering the injury. This was great feedback for us and she also said to continue what we have been doing  – so it is good.

Let’s hope tomorrow is as positive as today.



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