A Productive Day

What a great productive day we had.

Kyah has almost finished sorting, organising and setting up both her new bedroom and her new office for distance education next  year. I did the lawns and gardens, some re-potting of plants and I have started to re-do the side garden.

We went to Bunnings and bought some seedlings of lettuce, snow peas and cucumber, ready to plant.

Kyah did lots of rehab and then was treated with the ultrasound. Her foot is definitely improving, with her commenting that occasionally she walks almost without a limp. Her foot is still extremely stiff and slightly swollen now, but again she was able to walk around the shops without the moon boot. It is improving.

I think we really need to focus on the positives and ignore the nagging questions in the back of our minds, and the negativity of some people that will always try to de-rail your thoughts and plans. A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense. Pro 19:11





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