A Miracle Has Happened!

Well this last week, Kyah has been busy again. Those of you that know our life, we are always busy, but it kind of needs to be said. We’ve had a busy week.

Kyah was outside on Friday and had the “desire” to do an aerial…. Oh,…. this was what she was doing on the trampoline when she injured her foot. Well…. she did one! What an amazing achievement.  Not perfect execution, but it was an aerial and it was more of a psychological achievement than anything else.


On Saturday, we went to a High Tea at a local church, to raise money for an orphanage. It was very successful. Spending time with Kirsten and Annie was again fun. Lots of yummy food and great company made for an enjoyable afternoon.

Annie and Kyah at the High Tea

On Sunday, we went up to Queensland Ballet for a Mind, Body, Ballet Workshop. Kyah was in one section with other children her age, while I was in with other parents and some teachers. The workshop was really fun and interesting. Body Conditioning, Pilates, Q & A, Ballet Class, Health & Nutrition, Risk of Injuries. We both enjoyed ourselves. Yes, I participated in my first ballet class! My history of sprinting and boxing really didn’t work in my favour when it came to pirouettes and looking elegant, but I did it and enjoyed it. (If anyone wants an experienced ballet dancer – I’m here….NOT!)

We raced back to the Gold Coast with the intention of Kyah going in the “Face of Starbound” Competition. Unfortunately, they had already started so she missed out on entering. She wasn’t really upset because doing something like that is totally out of her comfort zone. So a huge thank you to everyone who voted for Kyah but unfortunately, she had to be there in order to actually be in the running as such.

Kyah started seeing a lovely girl, Clare, 3 weeks  ago, for some private lessons. The intention is to get her back on track with her confidence and dancing, and with the hope and intention she would perform her solos at the eisteddfods we have registered her for throughout the year.

Well, yesterday Kyah competed in the classical section of Starbound. Kyah danced en pointe for the first time since her accident on stage, for the entire 3 minute routine. She looked absolutely beautiful and confident. No-one would be able to tell she had had such an horrific injury only 6 months ago.

Our intention was for Kyah to simply dance en pointe on stage for the duration of her routine. Basically to overcome the “barrier” that she needed to overcome in order to get back into dance and feel like she is able a capable. Well, she did that. The best news is that she came 4th! There was 14 competitors in her section, and I think one or two didn’t show up. Kyah came 4th!!!

She has only known this routine for 3 weeks and she was competing against some girls that have been performing their routine for the last 14 months. Kyah came 4th!!! What a massive achievement. She is so happy, I am so happy. Praise The Lord for the miracle He has brought about. Only 6 months ago, her foot was detached from her leg, now she is dancing beautifully, and is extremely competitive.  So hard to believe.

Inline image 3

We need to thank Nika for all the work she has put in over the last 6 months, and Clare for helping Kyah come so far with her confidence and belief and desire for dance again. Without these 2 people in Kyah’s life, Kyah would never be where she is today. They have both had such a major influence on her and we are very grateful.

I am really looking forward to seeing Kyah progress with her dancing, and I hope her success, what ever that may look like, really inspires others to continue with their passion irrespective of their set backs. At this point in time, Kyah is really looking forward to her next competition. We are hoping she is able to perform both a classical and contemporary routine. Time will tell.

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2 thoughts on “A Miracle Has Happened!

  1. Glen says:

    That’s fantastic for both of you! Kyah sees that she is still a capable young lady who is so skilled in this area and you, a sprinter and boxer who understands the intricacies of enpoint… now who can speak with confidence and knowledge of the process she needs to follow to get to your skill level!!! lol

    • admin says:

      I am sure that between the 2 of us we will get somewhere…. time will tell where that takes us! You never know maybe there’s a call for boxing ballerinas???? On second thoughts, maybe not.

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