A Lovely End to Another Long Day

Today Kyah went to the physio, Erin. She was very happy with her progress – YAY!  2 weeks ago, Kyah was assessed for calf flexibility : in order to have her left knee touch the wall the furthest she could have her left foot away from the wall was 3cm distance between her toes and the wall.  Today, her toes were 9cm away from the wall and her knee could touch the wall. What a fantastic improvement. Still a bit to go; her right foot, her toes are 13 cm from the wall and her knee can touch. What a great improvement though.

Erin was very pleased with other aspects of her progress as well. The cuboid was not mentioned, so it is obviously in and staying. Again, YAY! Praise The Lord.

Kyah went to dancing and did some practice. She is not dancing on 2 feet by any means, she is dancing as best she can on her right foot and then managing to put weight on her left foot instead of actually dancing. She is improving again, but this will be a much steeper mountain than any other of the mountains she must climb. We are still hoping and believing she will make it back into the dance world and become the prima ballerina she wants to be.

Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers. Eph 6:18b

A big thank you to Cathy who is now the surrogate dance mum / aunty for taking Kyah to her appointments and looking after her for the majority of the day.  If Kyah stayed with me all day while I was working 7-7, all of us would go mad – so a huge thank you, Cathy.

After a long day of work, we went out for dinner with our dear friend Madeleine. It was a lovely evening – great company, lovely food and time to sit and chat. Very, very nice way to end the long day.




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