A Lovely Breakfast

We met up with our dear friends Amanda and Taylah for breakfast this morning. We haven’t seen them for so long, it was lovely to sit and catch up before Taylah had to go to school. Thank you girls for making the time to see us.

We went to the doctor and got a referral to see another physio. A friend has highly recommended this one because she specialises with olympic gymnasts and ballerinas. Let’s see if she has something else to offer us.

Some school work was done and some more organising of the new rooms for Kyah – it seems like an endless task now…. hmmmm.

Then we went to my work. Kyah decided she did not want to wear a bandage at all, nor use the moon boot or anything to support her foot. So for the first time since September 25, 2016, Kyah went out without something on her left foot. Wow! Another milestone reached.

She did some rehab at the gym. Some squats and rises on unstable surfaces and some walking along the foam balance beam. She is improving with her general stability and her range is slowly improving. still a long way to go, but at least we are heading in the right direction.

We are so thankful for all the positives we have in our lives. There really are so many.

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