A Little More Progress

Today saw a little more progress for Kyah with her foot. She has not used the moon boot for 3 days now and is enjoying being able to simply use a normal shoe – one that is adjustable enough to fit the bandage strapping in it along with the still slightly-swollen foot.

Kyah did some rehab today and the foot is feeling pretty good. The swelling is slowly going down and even though she is still limping when she walks and is not confident on her foot, she is improving.

We really need to focus on the small improvements from day to day, even if it is only a small improvement. Focusing on the positives is much better than looking at the negatives.

The physio yesterday said Kyah’s cuboid bone may be slightly dropped so she has strapped it for now and we are hoping it will be  relatively easy to “encourage” back into place.

It’s still swollen, but looking better each day.



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