A Great Distraction

Today we started setting up Kyah’s new school room. She has been doing Home Schooling this year because of the large number of hours of dance she was doing each week – 30+.

Next year we are going to have Kyah do distance education, which again, is from home. We decided to do that to take the pressure off me for planning, preparing and presenting, then ensuring the homework was done etc.

So, we started setting up her new school room. This means we need to make her current bedroom the school room, and set up a new bedroom. Lots of heavy lifting and moving of furniture – not done by Kyah, as well as lots of moving of clothes, books, files, pictures, “stuff” that one accumulates – all done by Kyah.

It is amazing how one manages with one functional foot. She moved a lot of nic nacs into the relevant rooms and has made great headway with setting up. Her foot looked purple a few times throughout the day, so she sat with it elevated and iced, while she was organising her filing cabinet or something else. Then off she went again.

She is really looking forward to the changes for next year – and while she has time to set them up, she may as well do them. She is a lot more positive when she has distractions – naturally. But it makes life bearable for those of us around her (me), who need to be there for the highs and lows of this journey.

Amazingly, Kyah’s foot is looking more normal than it was a few days ago and she commented that it is starting to feel like a normal foot again. This is positive. Lots of very careful rehab initially to prevent any further trauma, but once we have “taught” her ligaments to stay where they belong i.e. in a more preferred shortened position than her accident, we will be able to get out and about, walking on the soft sand, in the water, walking, etc. We are both looking forward to a more “normal” life again. Even going to the shops for the bare essentials is a task in itself with the crutches and the extra time it takes.

In a few months, this should all be a blur and the focus will be on the international ballet competition she is aiming to do.


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