A Fun Day

Today I worked all day, so we are extremely thankful, Becky and Emily picked Kyah up.  They went to the pool and Kyah did some rehab in there, as well as had some recreation time.

Then they had lunch, did some art and craft, watched a movie and then they decided to make up some dances. Kyah loves choreographing dances and is pretty good at it. It looks like the girls had fun, and this is the main focus now.  It is nice to see Kyah actually “dancing” again – even if it is mucking around.

The girls had a lovely day and there was lots of laughter, in a fun-filled day. This is just what Kyah needs. Thank you Becky and Emily.

The physio the other day showed us Kyah’s cuboid bone has dropped and she is hoping she can manipulate it back in to place. The correct placement of this bone in your foot is essential for ideal mechanics for the foot to propel itself along. I am training a guy at the moment who has had his cuboid bone out of place for a couple of years now and he is looking at surgery to hold it in place. The result of the displacement he has had for this length of time is that he can’t walk properly, he needs  to wear a moon boot whenever he is out and about, there is obvious deformity of the ankle and calf and constant, extreme pain.

We now have to pray and believe that Kyah’s cuboid bone will go back into place and stay there and she will not have a similar resulting effect.

The physio is booked out until December 6, so it looks like I need to do something with Kyah before that…. eeek! I will explain to Kyah the situation and hopefully she will let me massage her foot and try to manipulate this cuboid back into place. The sooner it is done, the better.

Please can those of you that believe in the power of prayer, pray that this bone relocates immediately, and Kyah has no residual effects or pain from this current displacement. Thank you all so much.

Looking good girls!!!




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