A Clear Bed

Yay! Today we removed the table from in the bed. Yes, I had a table in the bed, under the covers. The purpose of this was to have the sheets up, off Kyah’s foot.

Her foot itself is feeling so much better, she is now able to cope with the weight of bedsheets on it. Also the fact that the plaster is off & her foot has more movement, allows the weight of the sheets to move the foot at the ankle & the toes, instead of just at the toes. So no more table in the bed. A normal bed again.

We went & saw the physio today. Poor Cybele was a bit frazzled after seeing “the photo”. A rather large challenge for her. It is nice & reassuring to have another person’s opinion & thoughts on progress for rehab. Yes, what we have been doing is right. Let’s continue slowly; prevent any unnecessary additional trauma to the foot.

Cybele thinks Kyah may have torn her calf muscle because she shows signs of a positive Thompson test. Kyah & I are believing otherwise. There is no reason for her calf to have torn, there is no bruising there, yes, her calf seems unresponsive, but it’s been in a cast for 5 weeks & 2 days, & even now is not getting much work.

Back to the doctor for a referral for an ultrasound. Then we see how we go.

Lots of prayers for nothing wrong with the calf, complete healing with Kyah’s ankle. Full stability, strength & function to return in a timely manner & ready for pointe shoes early next year.

Mark 5:34 Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed.




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