A Change of Pace

Today Kyah went to another dance studio, as recommended by Nika. It is a quaint classical studio, with a small number of students. I think the interaction with other kids and the reduced intensity of 1 on 1 was a pleasant change.

I told her to go there as “Kyah the dancer”, not “Kyah, the injured one”. It is time she move on from her injury and focus on positives. She was able to do most things requested, and I think the fact that the other girls were doing things, kind of encouraged Kyah to push through psychological barriers and perform steps she has not performed for a while.

So far Kyah has not made a decision as to whether she wants to continue dancing or not.  She does still seem very confused and distressed, but now I think she has realised there are other options out there for her to consider, so time will tell what decision she makes.

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