A Busy Few Weeks

We have had a few sleepless nights these past few weeks. We have a family of possums in the roof space of our rental home. They have been there since we moved in, in March. A possum man came and trapped the possums: caught mum and bub first night, then dad the next night.

The possums usually leave for their night out at about 8.30-9pm. Then they stumble home any time between 3-6am. They are not quiet – so every night / morning is disturbed. When the possum man placed the traps in the roof, and the possums were caught in the traps, it was constant banging and crashing all night. Obviously the possums did not like being in the cage and continuously tried to get out – hence the banging and crashing. All I can say, is thank goodness the traps were set the day of the exams, and the day after, not the day before. We did not get any sleep for two nights straight.

Unfortunately, the builder that was employed to close off all access areas to the roof space, did not do the job properly. So after two blissful nights of no possum noise, the possums were back. Possums are very noisy. So we are hopeful, that  some stage soon, the access areas will be sealed off properly, and the possums are trapped and removed from the area once and for all.

Kyah did her first ballet exams with Queensland Ballet at the beginning of June. They have two exam periods through the year. This one, half way through the year, gives the dancers and teachers an idea of how each dancer is performing. They are given feedback on what they need to work on, and then each dancer should take that feedback on board and work towards improving for the second exam at the end of the year.

Kyah thinks she did fairly well with her performance in the exam.  We eagerly await the feedback.

Kyah and the others, were fortunate enough to be able to watch the older levels do their exams. This gave them all an idea as to the level of skill and performance the seniors are at, as well as how their exams are conducted. Kyah really enjoyed watching them.

We went and saw Oceans 8. I think most of Australia has seen it by now. We enjoyed it. Hope you did too.

Last week the students prepared for a presentation for Queensland Ballet. There was two performances, Friday and Saturday. The performances were a kind of snap shot of what each senior level has been doing for the first half of the year. It was great to watch. I would like to thank Queensland Ballet for the opportunity to see the three levels of the Senior Program perform.

Both days of performances have been very social and busy for us. Friday we had Ruth and Anne come and watch. While we were waiting for the performance to begin, Ruth, Anne and I sat and chatted, over coffee and cakes. Then afterwards, we all (Kyah, Ruth, Anne and I), sat and chatted over drinks and lunch.

L-R: Ruth, me, Anne, Kyah

Then Kyah, Anne and I went to Chermside. Some time was spent in specific, familiar, shops, and money was spent.

Saturday, Kyah spent most of the day with Queensland Ballet. Anne and I wandered around the markets at West End. They are great for fresh food, and a huge variety of international food. Anne’s faves were the paella, and the hand made doughnuts.

In the afternoon, our friend Deb arrived. We went back to Queensland Ballet, had a drink and chatted. Then watched the performance.

L-R: Me, Anne, Deb

After that we came home, sat and had a lovely, healthy meal, and more conversation.

A bit of a late night, so a very rare sleep-in was welcome this morning.

Today was  a busy day with Anne. Lunch out at Neil Perry’s Bavarian Beer Haus. More drinks over at the Newstead Brewing Co. Then a make over for me – I need a photo for my book covers. Hopefully one of the photos we got, will suffice.

One of Kyah’s friends is moving away. They really connected, and supported each other. This will create a big gap in her life. Something she does not need at this stage, but I am sure she will get through.

Again, Kyah has faced challenges these past few weeks, and managed to get through. She is growing into one very resilient young woman. I am extremely pleased with her attitude and how she has conducted herself, in each situation.

The next couple of weeks are school exams and winding up term 2. It is a bit disjointed but it usually is with end of term. Kyah is very much looking forward to the school holidays. A bit of a rest, and catch up on other things.

Isa 58:8 Then your light will break out like the dawn, And your recovery will speedily spring forth; And your righteousness will go before you; The glory of the LORD will be your rear guard.



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