A Busy Day

Anyone that knows us: we always have busy days. Today was no different.

We had some lovely friends offer to do a mini working bee in our yard, because I am getting a bit worn out, with all the extra work I am doing with Kyah. They came over and mowed our lawns, trimmed the hedges, purchased organic soil and filled the new vegetable garden beds and topped up the old ones.

This saved me a few days of work. Thank you so very much Kylie, Paul and Mason. What you have done is such a generous act of your time, money and effort. We are both so very appreciative.

After that we had a little gathering of people to see some beautiful hand made products. Vegan skin care and make-up by Amanda, Soy wax candles with cotton wicks by Ruth, and our hand made multi-purpose accessory bags.  Kyah loved planning and co-ordinating the event. It was a good distraction for her. We had lots of people come over look, listen, smell and enjoy each others company. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Kyah is now getting around on the push chair using both her feet to propel herself along. If she is not doing this, she is hopping from place to place. It seems the injury of the broken bones are no longer causing discomfort and her level of confidence is increasing.

The unfortunate aspect of all this is that Kyah is going stir crazy. Not being able to walk, dance, stretch, do most things for herself, she is getting agitated. No matter how many distractions I try to give her, she is still agitated and needs an outlet. That outlet is me, and it gets tough sometimes. Trying to deal with the physical restrictions of an injury and the psychological and emotional issues attached to it is a tough journey. Unfortunately, a journey Kyah has to walk right through to the end. Let’s hope she has the mental willpower to get there.

img_6353 img_6352 img_6354-1

The work in progress. It is easy to see where the trampoline was … and no longer is. It is gone, surprise, surprise!

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