A Bit of a Rest

Today we had a chance to stop and take stock of where Kyah is physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Physically she is going really well.

Mentally and emotionally she is needing to deal with the trauma of her accident and injury. She has been trying to please everyone else and move forward and heal the physical wounds, but unfortunately she hasn’t had a chance to address the mental and emotional aspects of the trauma. When I discuss the possibility of her speaking to someone about it, she is not interested.

Now added to this, is the issue of self esteem. For some reason Kyah does not think she can dance…. It is a huge load for a young child to be carrying. It will take lots of time and very gentle encouraging to get Kyah back to where she was and where she needs to be.

I had a couple of valuable discussions with some special people today, and it has become very obvious that we need to address helping Kyah recover from the trauma she experienced. This will definitely enable Kyah to move onwards and upwards.

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