A Bit Bendy

This could be one reason why Kyah never tore any soft tissue when she injured her foot. Not one tear in her muscles, tendons or ligaments with her injury. She is a bit bendy, otherwise known as hyperflexibility. This level of flexibility is required in ballet in order for the ballerina to perform certain poses and jumps and positions and still look graceful. Kyah definitely is hyperflexible.

Kyah can probably take her leg further than that and that is why she doesn’t look uncomfortable. This is Kyah and Nika working on what she needs for her performances throughout the year.


Kyah and Nika Photo by Karl Neal

Part of the requirements in ballet is to also be able to hold a position using your own muscles. The more extreme the position, the more difficult it is to hold with your own muscles.  Something Kyah needs to work on a bit, but she is improving. At least she is pointing that foot a lot more than she was …even a week ago.


Kyah and Nika Photo by Karl Neal

It has been a long road back, but we are believing Kyah is on the right path now and nothing will cause her to deviate from that path.

For it is the will of God, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil. 1Pet 3:17


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