A Big Step

Today was the first day Kyah was able to walk into the shower herself in 46 days. Yay! She walked carefully and I held her hand, but she managed herself. This means she can now move back to her bathroom for showering. It also means I don’t have to carry her anymore.

We saw the doctor to get the scan results and he was very impressed that Kyah was able to walk in with her moon boot on without crutches. The scan results showed no muscle tears and all the ligaments around her ankle completely intact. How absolutely amazing that with the injury she sustained, all her ligaments are completely intact. This in itself is a miracle. The skin also remaining intact is a miracle. Not a day goes by I don’t thank God for that miracle and that protection He provided for Kyah when the injury was sustained.

Essentially, we are now treating a soft tissue injury that was really only stretched  – but it was stretched beyond belief. Therefore we need to treat it extremely carefully. A bit of a funny one. She displays all signs of soft tissue injury – movement restriction, swelling, pain, poor blood flow, but she did not “injure” her soft tissue. The most important thing is that we remember how stretched her ligaments were and we cannot allow them to ever go back there. We must go very cautiously.

I used the ultrasound machine on Kyah’s ankle and calf and she reports that it feels better and “less restricted” afterwards. That is a good sign. We plan on using it twice each day to help speed up the healing process.

Today, for the first time since her accident, we saw a couple of Kyah’s tendons and ligaments on her foot. This indicates her swelling is going down, but not staying down, because they disappeared into the mass of swelling again. Let’s hope the appearance of these tendons and ligaments occurs more regularly and for longer every day now.


Her little leg still goes purple when she has been up and about and this will also hopefully stop when she manages to get full range in her ankle and is able to propel herself with her foot / ankle utilising her calf.

The physio did some mobilising of the joints and encouraged Kyah to do some partial squats and rises – always focusing on improving the range. At the moment the range is very restricted. we compared her right to left for calf range and she was significantly different with them. That’s ok – just another goal to achieve.

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