1 Year Today!!!

It has been one whole year today since Kyah injured her foot. Sometimes the event seems so much longer ago and other times it seems so much less than one year. So much has happened in the year.

I know both Kyah and I had a level of PTSD. Only for the fact we were able to talk about it were we able to deal with it. I was very fortunate I had an almost endless supply of ears at work – my clients heard it all, and I’m sure some of them heard it more than once. I knew I was dealing with it by talking about it, but Kyah did not speak about it for a long time.

Finally when she started talking about it, I encouraged her to continue speaking. I think the simple fact of re-living the trauma and knowing the outcome was positive, is a great way to deal with and change the emotions associated with the event. I’m not a psychologist by any means, but this method worked for us.

Also, the fact that Kyah healed completely and has progressed so much from where she was, allows both of us to heal emotionally from the trauma. There really is hope, and the reality of a dream and a promise can be realised and achieved. She is on track again. 

The orchid pictured here was a gift from a group of dear friends I trained at the time of Kyah’s injury, and this orchid will be the annual reminder of the anniversary. The flowers will come out at this time each year. How beautiful the flowers are. What a lovely reminder for us.


Kyah is finally doing her RAD exam next week. She was supposed to do it this time last year… Let’s get it over with and move forwards.

The year has seen Kyah mature a lot; she had to in order to deal with the trauma of her injury. She is so much stronger in herself and more determined to do things she wants to do. She is less likely to allow people to intimidate her or treat her less than desirably. We discuss each event she does and she tries to gain experience and a lesson from each event – whether it be that she needs to prepare differently, or that she does not enjoy doing certain things anymore, or that travelling certain distances is not worth it, or working with certain teachers and peers is positive or negative and why. She is really looking at every experience she has, in order to benefit to take her that step closer to her ultimate goals. This is a sign of maturity, and it is so pleasing to see she has grown into such a lovely young woman.

We are waiting on whether or not she has been successful with Queensland Ballet full time senior program. This is her ultimate short term goal. If she is successful we look at the logistics of the situation. If she is not successful, Kyah and I have already discussed an alternative – she is thinking ahead and will not give up. If she was going to give up, she had plenty of opportunity and a very valid excuse with her foot. We did have that discussion when she was rehabbing – if she did not want to do the hard work then, she could easily quit and no-one would think any less of her. I am so glad she decided to keep fighting and pursuing her goal.

We are both truly indebted to our dear friend Anne. She has been such a rock for us both over the last 12 months. We have spoken to her almost every day and she has supported and encouraged both of us, laughed with us, cried with us and walked the journey with us. You have really been such a support to us Anne, words cannot express how thankful we both are to have you in our lives.    

There are so many others that have walked this journey with us, and we are truly indebted to you all for your support, friendship, prayers, phone calls, time, and love. Thank you all so much. This last 12 months has been very tough on us.

That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… How true. Both of us are stronger.

Kyah has really had her “anniversary” on her mind for the last few weeks. She is ready to look at her photos, she has posted on her social media pages, and she has asked if she can make her first post here today. Here it is, in Kyah’s words.     

WOW! I can’t believe it has been a year already! So much has happened emotionally, physically and mentally. Today, 1 year ago, I dislocated and fractured my left ankle. I broke it in two places. When I went to hospital, I was told that I would need an operation to put pins and plates in my ankle to stabilise it. Having this done would mean that I would never be able to dance again. Mum didn’t think that the surgery was necessary and wanted time to think about it. In the end she didn’t sign the consent form but said if the head orthopaedic guy said that I needed an op, she would accept his advice. So, we were preparing for an operation all night. The next morning the head orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Simon Platt,  said that I was young, fit and healthy and that I didn’t need an operation because the best joint to injure if you want a full recovery is the ankle! I was so happy to hear this! I was put into a cast and able to go home later that day. I was in a cast for 5 weeks and a moon-boot for 4 weeks. When I was in the cast I was doing a lot of upper body exercise and focusing on my upper body with dancing. When I was in the moon-boot my mum and I did a lot of rehabilitation so I could dance again. Because of my mum, making me do rehab everyday (she’s an Exercise Physiologist), I was up dancing, on pointe 6 months after the accident. When I got my pointe shoes I wanted to get En Pointe Orthotics to go in them. This was to help me physically, and also mentally. These orthotics have helped me so much!! Getting my pointe shoes was probably one of the best days of my life! Knowing my dream and passion had not been destroyed by an injury.

In May this year I was asked to open a Bond University function for BULWA (Bond University Law Wellness Association). During my last rehearsal 20mins before the performance, I tore the ligaments in the same ankle. I had to take more time off to rehab this injury too. In some strange way mum thinks tearing my ligaments was a good thing – she said it indicates all the ligaments are the correct length. They were never damaged in the injury – believe it or not!!!

Now, I am back from both of these injuries; I am preparing to complete my RAD Intermediate exam next week – I missed out last year because I had my major injury about a week before my exam. I have been successful with some auditions and I am waiting to hear back with other auditions. I know my injury slowed me up a bit with regards to the level of ballet I am at, but I believe I have learned so much and grown so much mentally and emotionally that I am a better, stronger, more determined person for having been through the experience. Would I like to go through it again??? No thank you. 

There are some significant people I would like to thank for doing this journey with me: my mum; she has been there beside me every step of the way, Anne – she too has been so supportive and encouraging and helped both mum and I when the going got tough, which it did at times, Clare for being such a beautiful, caring, positive and encouraging teacher and Nika for also being so patient and understanding. There are lots of people that have encouraged me along the way, and I am truly grateful to everyone for their time, love and support.

At exactly 4.25pm today, the time the injury happened last year, Kyah went out to the yard and did 2 aerials! They were done on the ground – no trampolines were involved at all. She is totally healed and very able to do everything she used to do. What a relief and what a journey it has been so far.  I hope and pray that the next 12 months are filled with positive experiences and stories about Kyah and her successes in dance and life.  

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you. Isaiah 26:3

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