Term Three Almost Done

The year is flying by. We are racing around every day, trying to fit everything into our busy schedules. We have to forego many offers of catch-ups and get-togethers, but both Kyah and I realise there is a means to an end for all this work, dedication and relinquishing of special times.

This term is the busiest one she has had so far; school commitments, assessments, assignments, her diploma, a dance performance night. Then add to that the dance commitments she has with Queensland Ballet; six days each week, her pilates for prehabilitation and strength enhancement three times each week, and the fortnightly physio appointment to ensure no bad habits creep in. We hardly see each other at the moment, with her schedule and mine, but sometimes that is not a bad thing when they are teenagers!!!! Did I just say that???

Kyah had a few Sunday dance commitments for school prep for their “2019 Night of Dance”. She was only in 2 dances for the night, but the planning and prep requires all dancers to be there for certain times. This way the teachers know all students are fully aware of what they are required to do, where they need to be and when. She enjoyed performing “A Chorus Line” and the “Finale”. She realised from last year that being in too many things added extra pressure on to her, and that is something she simply does not need at this point. Most of the year 11 Queensland Ballet kids only did the two dances, for this reason.

This is not a good photo but it’s the only one I have access to at the moment. The night ended up being quite a late finish, which was expected, but not really what she needed.

Kyah performed in “A Chorus Line” with the Year 11 dance class.

It was nice to see Kyah dance as I have not seen her perform for a while. Soon though…

Kyah’s school commitments have been huge this year. Her load, if she completes it all will have her graduate high school with 27 points. Even though she and I planned and sorted her subject selection carefully to ensure she had a relatively “easy” load, the school requirements have been such that she has had to undertake other subjects up to this point. It is now at the point where both Kyah and I know she needs to reduce her load by at least 4 points. 20 points are what is required to graduate. So I called a meeting with some school staff and thankfully, we have come up with a plan.  We are implementing a better program for her so she is not going along blindly with certain subjects, and she will be able to drop certain subjects once she has accumulated a specific number of points. Already it seems to be a much better option and program for Kyah because, this now gives her guidance and instruction on a regular basis, as well as an incentive to get her business diploma done, as this accumulates points with every module completed.

Just recently, Kyah had do to a practical dance assessment and then report on it. The assessment was quite a task, and involved filming of the dancers in a specific room. The issue Kyah faced was trying to coordinate the availability of the room, when she and the other dancer were both available, as well as having someone film the entire dance. It ended up far too hard to coordinate and have access to the room, so Kyah ended up using me as her dancer!!! So the initial choreography was altered dramatically to compensate for my lack of ability to look like a ballet dancer. We had a great laugh, mostly at my expense, but we finally got the job done. The story was told, and it was a very effective method of putting the story out there. We used our gym, so we just packed up half the room and made it look like a ballet room as best we could, then went for it. Kyah ended up getting a very good result for it. So, all in all, even though it was a very stressful time trying to get it done, it was very successful in the end. Thought I’d include this photo for those of you that want a bit of a laugh. Kyah is not even trying to look elegant, and I am!!! Note to self: stick with my vocation, and don’t expect a call up from and dance company any time soon. Haha.

Kyah has managed to have a bit of social time. Catching up with friends from school and ballet outside of both, but her main focus this term has been school and dance. Just trying to get all her work done and handed in on time.

I made her some “cookie dough flavoured” bliss balls for a relatively healthy snack, along with apple and cinnamon muffins and banana bread. All have been consumed pretty heartily. Kyah’s whole existence revolves around her dance; eating well, getting enough sleep, getting through her school work quickly and effectively, to ensure she has enough time to do all that is required for dance. This is a lifestyle she has adopted and will continue to do  for the length of time she wishes to pursue this avenue. It is almost 100% dedication, which she does not seem to mind at all.

These are pretty yum!!! Cookie dough flavoured.

We went and saw Bangarra Dance Theatre perform at QPAC. It was their 30th Anniversary Season. The performance was great. That was last Saturday night. The night was not too late, and Kyah was able to have a good sleep-in on the Sunday, so she was well prepared for this week of school and dance.


My dad has been unwell the last few months and this came to a climax two weeks ago. Both Kyah and I have been on edge a bit with that; as it is stressful when close  family and friends are unwell. We are believing for God’s will to be done in the situation and whatever that looks like, we know it will the best for all concerned.

Winter is just about over, but we had a couple of mornings recently with some beautiful heavy fog. It was just amazing to see. Kyah still got up and was ready and out the door by 6am. No complaints from her. She got some great shots of the city all fogged-up while she was travelling to dance. I was training people in this and it was just so serene.


Queensland Ballet are currently performing Romeo & Juliet at QPAC. I went to see them on Tuesday night; dress rehearsal night. Kyah made the decision not go to. Reason being: early in the week, so much school work on at the moment, and a very late night, hard to catch up on missed sleep at the moment. It was a wise decision. She did miss a good night though.

The ballet was absolutely beautiful. Lots to look at and enjoy, the story was told very well, costumes were great, music performed by Queensland Symphony Orchestra was wonderful, dancing was amazing. It is easy to see why Queensland Ballet are considered one of the best Ballet Companies in the world at the moment. I very much recommend you go to see this.

Link is here:


So we (mostly me!) are going through all our “stuff”. There’s 2 huge boxes of barbie things that we are currently preparing to sell. It is time to move on from the childhood and get rid of things we simply do not need any more. There are so many thing we accumulate over the years. Now it is time for us to get rid of what we don’t need. We are still renting in Brisbane and one day we hope to move into our own place, so the fewer things we have to move, the better. Culling can be very therapeutic and cleansing. It is that way so far for us.

The school holidays start September 20, 2019. There is so much to get done before that, so it is heads down and get it done. Kyah will also be doing her diploma through the holidays as well as dancing, but at least the intensity will be reduced a bit and she may not have the early mornings…

Queensland Ballet have their Academy Gala coming up, from October 18-20. I have had lots of people asking how to buy tickets to come and watch. It is a great performance to see if you want to see good quality dancers at not a huge cost. Obviously the dancers have started preparing for the Gala now, and will do so over the school holidays as well. I am looking forward to seeing Kyah perform. You never know what dances they are in until the actual performance time. But that is part of show business.

Here is the link to purchase tickets if you are interested.


2 Cor 1:20 For all the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our AMEN to God for his glory. (ESV)

Moving Right Along

It will be August in a few days. Gosh the year is flying by. Kyah continues to get up at 4.50am, get herself ready for ballet and school, and is out of the house by 6am every weekday. Some mornings are harder than others, especially when it is cold. But thankfully it has not been a very cold winter – neither of us like the cold much.

We have done our share of cold temperatures. In 2013 we went to Canada in their winter and did all the winter activities – skiing / snow boarding both Whistler and Blackcomb, dog sledding, snow shoeing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, climbing glaciers, saw the Aurora Borealis. It was a fantastic holiday – the snow was over one metre high on the sides of the roads, the snow was freezing on the windscreen of the vehicle; the wipers didn’t work, so you had to stop the vehicle and gently hit the windscreen to break the ice so the wipers would work and you could see again. We had icicles on our eyelashes, all the lakes were totally frozen over, cars were sliding off the roads because of the ice. I could go on for ages about how different the life is over there to here, especially in winter. It was cold: we were aware the temperature at one point got down to minus 34 degrees celsius when we were there. Not sure why we don’t like the Brisbane winter mornings when they get down to 6 degrees, but we don’t.

We used to go to the snow every year. Kyah would ski and I would snow board. She started skiing when she was 2 years old, and she got to practice every year when we went . She became quite good at it. However, once she decided to take dance seriously, she had to make the decision to stop skiing. It is a risky sport for knees and other injuries and she cannot afford to get injured, so we really have not been to the snow since 2013. Oh the sacrifices we make! Not complaining … I do not cope well in the cold.

We have noticed the mornings are getting lighter earlier, so that makes getting up a bit easier. It won’t be long and spring will be here. If this winter is any indication of what a “Brisbane winter” is usually like, bring it on. It is quite pleasant. There have been a couple of quite cold mornings, but mostly it has been very manageable.

We have had one week with no students and it has been really nice. A bit of a rest and normality in the house has been good. By the end of this week, we will have two students for a month. That will keep us both busy and on our toes. It is always disruptive having strangers in your home, but usually the students are lovely and it is nice to welcome them into our country and help them get set up.

Kyah has been driving a fair bit. Most days she drives somewhere. So far she had proven to be a pretty good driver. Each time she drives I notice her confidence improves, which is great. Every now and then something happens and she realises she needs to stay totally focused and be aware of other drivers, and pedestrians  on the road. You know the “blind spot” – it is called a blind spot for a reason…. she learned that one when she was on the motorway!!! Learning to drive is a huge lesson, and  experience is the best teacher for us all. I am amazed at how aware of her surroundings she is; this awareness will really help her become more proficient at driving. There are some people driving on the roads totally oblivious to everyone else. I am glad Kyah will not be one of those people.

On August 9, the school has a “Night of Dance” showcase. Kyah, along with the other kids, have had to attend school on Sundays for rehearsals. Add this on to the already very-full schedule and you have a very busy, tired person. She missed this Sunday as we had a special day with some dear friends – we caught up with Kate and Misha first. Then we had lunch with a small group of lovely friends for Ruth’s birthday. It was a long day, but very worth it.

The restaurant we went to had very healthy options, so we were forced to eat well, which  shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. This salad was amazing. It was all greens with smashed avo and a lovely dressing.

Kyah has been doing pilates at least twice each week. She sees a physio at least once every three weeks, just to keep on top of things, and she has me constantly on her to ensure she is doing something constructive. It is a never ending  requirement that she look after herself. She eats well, goes to bed early, drinks lots of water, makes so many sacrifices to ensure she does not go backwards, or get run down. I assume every dancer is the same; if they want to be any good at what they do. Kyah does not complain about it, but does get tired… tired equals grumpy. There is a huge incentive for me to try to prevent her from getting tired!!!

Queensland Ballet Academy are currently preparing for the end of year gala performance. Usually all the dancers really look forward to this. Performing is why they practice. I also look forward to seeing Kyah dance. She is beautiful to watch. Then coming up after that will be the end of year exams and reports, along with notification as to whether they are asked back into QB or not.  Very soon this year will be over.

Kyah got her hair cut the other day. She got it cut as short as possible so she can still put it in a bun. Because her hair is so thick, it gets really heavy when it is long, then put long, thick, heavy hair into a bun – it can actually cause neck problems and headaches. So I am glad she has realised it is more appropriate for her to have short hair. For the time being, Kyah is enjoying the short hair. Again, it’s another sacrifice that she is making to accommodate her dream. There are so many sacrifices to be made on a daily basis. The life is very different compared  to other teenagers her age. No late nights, no going out on weekends, minimal socialising because of time constraints, constantly being mindful of what she is eating and drinking, being aware of physical activities that may cause pain or injury. The list goes on.

I have just ordered new pointe shoes for her. About a year ago, she found a pair of shoes that suit her feet and feel relatively comfortable – if pointe shoes can ever be described as comfortable! The only issue was that she was wearing out a pair of shoes every second week. This was costing me a small fortune. Thankfully Bloch do take special orders for shoes. We order the Synergy with an extra strong shank. Because you need to pay extra for special orders we order 8-10 pairs at a time. And, because Kyah’s feet have stopped growing, we are able to buy 4-5 pairs one size and the other 4-5 pairs a half size larger to fit her larger foot. When the order arrives we pair up her shoes to suit her and the sewing and darning begins. Apart from the fact I almost have to take out a small loan each time I place this large order,  the only real problem with this is ensuring the order is placed soon enough so Kyah is not without suitable pointe shoes.

We have managed to book a holiday for the end of the year.  Usually Kyah has dance workshops on through the holidays, so us going away is very difficult. This year I have managed to find a cruise for us to go on straight after Christmas. It’s over to New Zealand. Cruising some of the north island, but mostly the south island. Kyah has never been to the south island of NZ before. I am sure she will notice the striking difference between north and south islands. The timing of the cruise is perfect, the duration of the cruise is perfect; 10 nights, the onboard entertainment is perfect, the activities on the ship are amazing; indoor skydiving, rock climbing, dodgem cars, the highest viewing deck on an arm that moves out over the ship, gym, pilates, spin classes,  and the list goes on. It should be a great holiday.

I made some more protein balls. Something simple and quick to grab. Healthy and filling. Kyah also likes the chocolate mud cake muffins and the banana bread I made her this week … surprise, surprise!!!

Psa 112:1-2 Praise the LORD.

Blessed are those who fear the LORD, who find great delight in his commands. 

Their children will be mighty in the the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed.


She’s driving!

Well, if it is at all possible, we have been more busy than ever.

The last few weeks have been holidays for Kyah. She pretty much had 2 weeks off ballet and 3 weeks off school. The way QB plan their later half of the year is that they do a 9 week term for term 2. The school term is 10 weeks, so most of the kids take the last week of term off school to ensure they actually get 2 full weeks off both school and dance. This is to help the dancers prepare for the gala performance they have in October and other requirements that need to be fitted in and scheduled appropriately for the end of year.

Kyah participated in Pilates classes most days in the holidays when she was at home. It’s really important for her to maintain her activity levels while she is off dance. If she doesn’t maintain activities, then when she gets back to normal routine, her body will be too sore and the program is so busy she just wouldn’t have time to catch up and recover from the muscle soreness. So prehab (injury prevention) is crucial.

She flew down south and spent a few days with her dad. She enjoyed the time away  from her usual routine … and me! Lazy walks along the beach, time with the dogs, she managed to catch up with just one of her friends from down there and spent a bit of time with her dad.

On Tuesday, she flew back with a friend of ours, Anne. Once they both arrived it was pretty much full on from the start until we dropped Anne to Kirra on the Sunday.

On the Wednesday, Anne and Kyah went to see Synergy. It’s a performance by the Pre-Professional and Jette Parker Young Artists Programs in Queensland Ballet. The performance  focuses on contemporary and neo-classical works.  It was at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts. Both Kyah and Anne loved it. Kyah missed out on seeing it as part of the QB program, because we had tickets to see the Bolshoi Ballet the same night. So it was good that she got to see QB perform on another night.

Kyah got her results from QB for the first half of the year. She did extremely well and the three of us, (Kyah, Anne and I),  were so pleased with her results. As a token of her hard work – getting up every morning at 4.50am, catching two buses to dance every morning,  pilates classes 3+ times per week and everything else she does with no complaints at all, I bought her a beautiful Ted Baker back pack. I saw it on a fantastic sale (thank you TK Max), and knew she would love it. I think acknowledging her hard work and the great results with the present, is an incentive and an encouragement for her to continue.


My toblerone cocktail

Our drinks in the piano bar

Anne had organised a night at the new Emporium Hotel at Southbank. This was the final celebration for Kyah’s 16th birthday. It was a surprise for Kyah, and a lovely one at that. The hotel was absolutely amazing. I had to work so I left Kyah and Anne at the hotel for the afternoon. They had drinks in almost every bar and lounge in the hotel. Then I caught up with them for a cocktail (mocktail for Kyah) in the piano bar. The first photo above is of my Toblerone cocktail. It was delicious. Unfortunately, because I was driving I could only have one.

Then we had a lovely dinner there – we did room service and why wouldn’t you? Their room overlooked Southbank and Brisbane city. Kyah and Anne stayed overnight and just loved it. The facilities were simply divine. The two of them enjoyed the indulgence, even having a “pillow menu” to choose from.

Just one image that was in the elevators – every single panel – all four sides, top and bottom.

This was another image that was in the elevators. I did not see the same image twice in any elevator.


On the Friday morning, Kyah and Anne walked down to the cultural centre precinct, from the hotel.Kyah participated in a masterclass conducted by the Bolshoi Ballet. She really enjoyed the experience. While Kyah was doing the masterclass, Anne went and saw the Margaret Olley and Ben Quilty exhibition at GOMA. Apparently the exhibition was fantastic. Something Kyah and I plan to see before the exhibition finishes.

That evening we went to see “Yank” The Musical. It was on at The Powerhouse Museum. Our friend Alex Gibson-Giorgio performed as Mitch Adams. It was a great production. Alex has such an amazing stage presence, you can even notice when he is not on the stage. He definitely has a huge future in musical theatre. Amazing voice, and great acting ability. He should go a long way, and we both hope he does

Kyah, Alex & Anne

The cast from Yank

It was really nice to see both Alex and his dad, Tony. It was a very momentous occasion, as it was the first performance Alex has done without his mum, Gayle, at the opening night. Unfortunately, Gayle was killed in an horrendous car accident back in March this year. I am sure she was looking down watching him and would have been so proud of him. I know we all were.

Tony & Alex

Saturday we spent  almost the entire day out; shopping and eating at James Street, New Farm. Something different for us, and it was lovely. Saturday night we had Theresa come over for dinner. It was a great evening had by all. Chatting, laughing, great food, good company …. what more could four girls want?

Sunday we drove down to the Gold Coast where Kyah and Anne did some more shopping at Robina, while I caught up with a friend. Then we dropped Anne at Nel’s place at Kirra.

Our time with Anne here was extremely busy – lots of great memories made, loads of food consumed, and lots of laughs. Needless to say, Kyah and I were in bed asleep rather early on the Sunday night.

Ballet has started back this week. One more week of school holidays so it is kind of an easy introduction back into the onslaught of term three. She was able to watch a performance by QB called The Little Green Road to Fairyland on Friday at QPAC. The performance is targeted at children and apparently it is great. If you have children and have time, it is definitely worth going to see.

Kyah got her L’s through the week. I have taken her for a few drives already. I notice each time her confidence is improving, as are her skills. It can be quite difficult to stay calm at times, but I am learning, and Kyah is listening well, and she is not doing too bad at all. She has done some driving and parking practice in large car parks with only a few cars, loose trolleys, pedestrians and trolley tractors around. She has also driven home on a rather busy road from one of the car parks. We got up early one morning and drove across to West End, before the bulk of the traffic started. She is definitely getting some hours up and her knowledge and experience is growing each time. I am exposing her to more distractions and challenging environments each time, and she is coping really well.

Yesterday,  Kyah caught up with her dear friend Ebony. Ebony has been in France dancing for the last 12 months. She is doing really well over there; she has been accepted back into their program for this coming 12 months, so she goes back over in 5 weeks. Hopefully Kyah and Ebony can spend some decent time together before she has to go back. It is lovely seeing Ebony doing so well with her dance career.  Ebony and Kyah have always got on well and it is so nice to see them reconnect each time they get an opportunity.

Well, it’s back to school and dance tomorrow. Kyah has a large dance assignment due this week for school. Hopefully she has done enough to get good marks. She has plodded along with her diploma through the holidays. Hopefully she can knock over a couple of modules this school term.

Isa 50:7  Because the Sovereign LORD helps me,  I will not be disgraced.
Therefore have I set my face like flint, and I know I will not be put to shame. (NIV)

Bolshoi Ballet

We are almost half way through the year.
The last few weeks have been very busy for Kyah. Dance exams completed. She feels she did fairly well with these. We are waiting eagerly for the written report to come so we can see what  the teachers think of her performances.
Even though Kyah got the flu injection, she managed to get a bit of a flu / cold thing which knocked her around a bit. She seems to be much better now, which is great.  A lot of people seem to have the cold / flu hang around for weeks or months on end. So she has done pretty well to avoid it lingering.  She eats very well and I am sure this helps with her recovering faster and not being knocked around as bad as others.
Queensland Ballet had a “Demonstration Day” performance. It was held over two days and the dancers performed three times in front of dance teachers, dance kids, family and friends. It was great to see the different levels of the Senior Program showcase what they are doing and to notice the progress Kyah has made since last year. We had some friends come to watch Kyah perform and they loved it. It is really nice to have people support Kyah on this journey, and give her their feedback on how she dances, especially those people that know something about dance. I have to say I just love watching Kyah dance. I truly believe she has a blessing and a gift and it is a pure joy to watch her.

Krystle, Kyah, me, Luell

Krystle, Kyah, Deb, Luell

We finally had a chance to go shopping for Kyah’s birthday. I decided that after the demo day  Kyah needed, and deserved, some time out and some retail therapy. So we went to Chermside Shopping Centre. We spent a good few hours there and a bit of Kyah’s birthday money. We had a great time wandering around and looking at stuff, purchasing the things she wanted, and not having to worry about being somewhere, or doing something.
For the last 6 weeks we have had one homestay girl from Japan. She has been lovely. We then had another girl arrive last week, so it was time to empty “that room”.  You know the room that you shove everything in? Well, it was emptied and sorted for the new homestay girl. There was lots of things to sort through and decide what could and should be done with stuff. There was about 8 leotards that Kyah has outgrown that she may have worn once or twice, skirts that go over the leotards and maybe 10 pairs of stockings that Kyah will never wear again. Not to mention old dance shoes, craft stuff, dance outfits, all our office and school work, along with desks and furniture. The forced culling and sorting was great and is a process I have not yet finished.
It was our dear friend, Theresa’s, birthday through the week, so we went out for dinner with a few friends to a restaurant  called “George’s Paragon” on Eagle St, Pier. The food was absolutely divine. It was also a lovely night catching up with friends we don’t usually see on a social basis. So a night out, that wasn’t too late was great.

Carol & Theresa

Last night we went to QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Centre), and saw the Bolshoi Ballet perform “Spartacus”. It was fantastic. Neither Kyah or I had seen “Spartacus” live before, and it was really good. The costumes, props, choreography; as well as the technique and execution of the ballet by the dancers, and the live music by Queensland Symphony Orchestra, was all just fantastic. It was a sell out, and I am not surprised. We went with friends who just loved it too. The applause went for about 7-8 minutes, so that indicates the audiences’ appreciation of the show. If you have not bought tickets yet, and you have time to go, I suggest you go see them; it is not often the Bolshoi Ballet come to Australia.

Bernie, Michael, me, Kyah

Kyah has been on holidays from school and dance for one week now. In that time she has been doing pilates every day, doing some of her Diploma in Business ever day and doing her PrepL course. That is one huge benefit with her subject selection for years 11 and 12. Kyah has minimal assessment deadlines for school. So many of the kids have had assessments due these last few weeks. Kyah has had an English exam and needs to prepare for a dance prac exam, but the only other subject she needs to really consider at this point is doing her diploma. At this stage she could be a bit further on with her course than she is, but handing the first module in was the indicator as to what level is expected as well as the amount of work to hand in. Once she figured that out, doing the modules after has been relatively easy.
Kyah would like to get her learners permit over the holidays. The PrepL course is the new way to do the theory exam. I think it is a great way for the kids to learn. Once they have satisfied a certain amount of criteria, they are able to sit their theory exam. Apparently it is going to be the way potential new drivers will have the learners permit taught and to do the exam in the near future. From what I have seen, it is very beneficial. Kyah is learning a lot and is retaining what she is learning. I think she will have time to do the exam before school and dance start again in just over a week.
So there is never a dull moment here. Always something going on. Kyah flies to see her dad tomorrow for a few days. Then she comes back home with our dear friend Anne. Another very busy week here next week, then ready for school. More on that next time.
Ecc; 11:6-8
Sow your seed in the morning,
    and at evening let your hands not be idle,
for you do not know which will succeed,
    whether this or that,
    or whether both will do equally well.

Birthday Celebrations are almost Complete

The month of May is now over. Under normal circumstances, once May is done, so are our birthday celebrations. But this year is a special birthday for Kyah, as she has turned 16. She still has another upcoming surprise to celebrate her milestone.  More on that later – once it happens.

Theresa & Kyah

Kyah’s birthday was two weeks ago now. She was given some amazing presents and experiences from some very beautiful people we have in our lives. A hair makeover which she loved. She got as much hair cut off as she could so it still reaches into a bun. Kyah’s hair is so thick and heavy it becomes cumbersome after a while in a bun. So, she has opted for as short as possible for the time being. She loves it, and it looks beautiful.

The day of Kyah’s birthday was a bit of a surprise for Kyah. Her dad came up and surprised her.  Also, the group of girls I have for training that evening were more than happy to hang around for a while after their session to celebrate Kyah’s birthday and share some of the  delicious  GF chocolate mud cake that was made. They all gave her some beautiful presents, but the most meaningful thing these girls gave Kyah was their time and love. They each adore her and them being there made it a very special day for Kyah. Thank you all.




Kyah was given a gift of a facial, massage and pamper package, so the weekend after Kyah’s birthday, straight after dance practice, we raced out with Theresa to Carindale where we each had a scrumptious drink, and then Kyah had her pamper. When we picked her up, it was like she was on another planet – totally zoned out. Her skin was glowing and more beautiful than usual, and she was so relaxed. She just loved it.

That same night there was a celebration for her and another ballet girl, who share the same birthdate. The dancers all went to Southbank and enjoyed food at a place called “Cowch” – it’s a dessert bar. All the kids enjoyed it. Some of the others wandered around after, but it wasn’t a late night for Kyah as she is pretty focused on getting enough sleep and looking after herself so she can perform at her peak, or as close to, all the time.  I picked her up and she was home, in bed fairly early.

We caught up with our friends from the Gold Coast; Kate and Misha. There was an eisteddfod on last weekend and they came up to Brisbane to participate in it. It was lovely seeing them again. Kyah actually got to see another girl, Leila, she used to dance with about 4 years ago. It was a great night. Company was great, food was good. Only problem was it was a bit cold outside!!! Winter is coming. We do not like the cold.

Kyah had her ballet exam last week and she just completed  her contemporary, pas de deux (partner) and character exams this week. It is always a bit stressful for the Kyah because the exams contribute to her being accepted back next year. These exams are more for her to find out where she needs to focus on for improvement to ensure she passes her end of year exams. So it is critical for her to preform as best she can in each and every exam.

Tonight was the Year 11 Semi Formal celebration for the school. Kyah went to a friend’s house with three other girls and the five girls got ready together and all arrived at the pier together. They went on a boat along the Brisbane River. Kyah reported that it was a good time had by all participants. There was about 300 year 11 kids on board, so I can imagine there was fun and frivolities. Again, there were after parties to go to, but Kyah needs to get up early tomorrow morning ready for dance, so she has opted to come home and sleep. There are constant sacrifices she makes in order to pursue her dream. I continue to pray and believe that she is walking the path chosen for her, and that path is becoming more defined each and every day.


Tomorrow after dance we plan on going on a shopping spree. Kyah received some money for her birthday, plus gift vouchers. So we plan on spending a few hours looking at things she may like to buy. This will be a nice little break from the high pressure of the last few weeks.

A huge thank you to everyone who made Kyah’s 16th birthday a very special and memorable time. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful and beautiful friends in our lives. Each one of you that played a part, impacted Kyah in a special way. Both of us are extremely grateful to you all and  you all have a special place in our lives and our hearts.

John 15: 16 You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit – fruit that will last – and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you. 


Almost Sweet Sixteen

What a busy few weeks we have had … for a change! May is birthday month for us. My birthday is in early may and Kyah’s birthday is towards the end of May. This year Kyah will be sixteen.

Here is a photo of the most amazing chocolate and beetroot cake that we had for my birthday. A dear friend, Carol, made it for us all. Thank you so much Carol.

We had Gerry,  a friend, come up and cook a lovely meal for us. BBQ ribs, mashed sweet potato, and salad for dinner. Then we had fruit salad with cream for dessert. It was difficult to be training my clients and smelling the food cooking. It smelled so great;  we were all getting hungry. Kyah and Gerry made sure the meal was ready as soon as I finished work, so the evening wasn’t too late. We have very early mornings at our place. Thanks for taking the time to come up from the Gold Coast and cooking a very yummy meal.

We both went to the dress rehearsal of The Masters Series, by Queensland Ballet. It’s the first time I’ve been to a dress rehearsal of Queensland Ballet’s and it was very good. Pretty much the same as if it was a normal performance – you could not tell it was a dress rehearsal. As I have said before, as part of the Academy Program, students are able to see the dress rehearsals. It is a great way for them to learn a bit about how Queensland Ballet operate  and to watch the company perform; they are just amazing, a real pleasure to watch. I have to drive in to Southbank to pick Kyah up at the end of the dress rehearsals, so I figured I may as well watch the ballet on the same night, and  we could leave together. It turned out to be a good idea. Here is a link to Queensland Ballets website describing The Masters Series. If you get a chance, I recommend you go see it. Well worth the effort. It is ta triple bill showing Serenade, Shadows Behind Us and Soldier’s Mass. Soldier’s Mass was an all male cast. It was really enjoyable to watch; 12 male ballet dancers performing.


On Saturday afternoon, I gave Kyah her birthday presents, because we had an international student arrive on the Sunday. It was nice to be able to sit and enjoy her opening her presents. One of her presents was tickets to see Expressions Dance Company (EDC), perform The Dinner Party, for that Saturday night. It was great. We haven’t seen EDC perform for a while, and they are simply amazing, and so enjoyable to watch. Very different from ballet. Most ballet companies have a contemporary element of dance style as part of what they do. The styles are so very different, however, both require huge amounts of talent, dedication, and motivation. This is why Kyah has also participated in the Expressions Dance Company workshops over the years. It is all good experience, and training. Again, if you get  a chance to see EDC perform, I thoroughly recommend it.

The international student arrived today, Sunday. She was a few hours late, because the airline left her luggage in Japan! She was able to buy some pyjamas and essential toiletries for the first night. The airline assure us her luggage will be delivered tomorrow. She seems to be quite nice and both Kyah and I are looking forward to getting to know her while she is here.

We have another very busy week coming up. It is Kyah’s actual birthday this week. There are a number of functions and activities for her to be a part of. All of these things on top of the usual frantic pace we run at, but we would not have it any other way.

Psa 19:9 The fear of the LORD is pure, enduring forever. The decrees of the Lord are firm, and all of them are righteous.



Powering On

It is the middle of May 2019 already. Kyah is going along so well. She has been extremely diligent with getting up at 4.50am every day to get ready for ballet and school. Leaves the house by 6am. She has been doing Pilates at least 3-4 times per week. Any opportunity she gets, she will book herself in and go and participate in another class. She is definitely getting stronger and so many people are commenting on that when they see Kyah, especially  if they have not seen her for a while.

ANZAC Day, Kyah got up early and watched the dawn service on the television. She very much enjoys watching the dawn service. It is a bit difficult and unwise for us to get up at 3am to get to a service and stand around for a few hours in the cold. Both of us are running on the edge of not getting sick, so we simply don’t push the boundaries too hard. If she gets sick, she simply does not get an opportunity to stop and recover and get better, so we need to be wise with what we do and do not do. One of Kyah’s uncles, Vincent, passed away on ANZAC Day 5 years ago, and he used to always attend the dawn service, so there is another incentive for her to attend; to honour him. He wasn’t in the services, but he very much admired and respected them and attended every dawn service for many, many years.

Kyah got all her hair chopped off. As part of her (upcoming) birthday, I gave her a treat of a hair wash, scalp massage, style cut, blow dry. She loves going to the hairdressers, having her hair washed and the scalp massage. The only issue is that we don’t really have time for her to do it in school term. So this was a treat for her at the end of the school holidays. Here are the before and after photos. She really likes having shorter hair because it means the daily bun is easier to do and less weighty. It is also much better for the load on her neck.


I had the opportunity to meet with Kyah’s main ballet teacher at the end of April to discuss how Kyah is going. It seems she is doing quite well. Obviously there is always lots of room for improvement and progression, and she needs to continue striving to be the best she can be. I was pleased with the discussion we had and the feedback I was given from her teacher; considering the stage of the year we are in and how she will continue to be moulded and improve as the year moves on.

Kyah does not have any issues at all with her foot. No-one can see there is a difference in her feet – strength, function, balance, agility etc. They are both extremely strong and almost identical in performance.  If anything, I think her left foot (the injured one), is stronger and has more balance and proprioception ability than her right one. Her left is still slightly larger than her right, and that is something I do not think will ever change now. The huge blessing is that she does not have any residual issues with her injured foot at all.

We have had quite a busy social calendar these last three weeks. Kyah went over to a friend of ours from church,  Luell, house and had a dinner with her and some other girls. They had such a fun evening, when I went to pick her up she did not want to leave. That is a great sign. We ended up both staying for another couple of hours.

We met up with a friend of Kyah’s, Emma, and her mum, Susan, and sister, Addilyn, in the city. We went out for dinner and wandered around for a while. We were going to play Ten Pin Bowling but the lanes were totally booked out for at least 2 hours, and it was getting late, so we decided not to do that. But Kyah had a great time chatting with Emma. It is always nice to see them. Kyah has known Emma since we moved up to Queensland in 2013 and they have kept in contact since then. They don’t see each other regularly but when they catch up, they just continue on from where they left off.

Kyah had organised a bit of a surprise birthday party for me this week.  She has been very busy contacting people and organising the finer details of it all. She told me a day before the event  so I at least had time to sort out nibbles, drinks, prepping the house etc. The party was Saturday night and it was really great fun. We had some dear friends come up from the Gold Coast as well as from our church, and everyone got on so well. It was a fairly late night for both of us, and Sunday, Mother’s Day, was a bit laid back trying to rest and recuperate as well as clean and tidy everything.

Friday night Kyah took me out for dinner and to the movies. We saw The Hustle. It was entertaining. The nicest thing was spending time together. I often think about how our relationship has changed as she has grown up. We interact differently considering the stage of life she is at.

Growing with our children and meeting their needs as they mature and change is a gradual process, but when you look back it is amazing to see the changes they have gone through and how much they develop and learn from us as parents, as well as their peers and life experiences. Kyah has had a few very tough experiences and although they were very difficult for us to go through, she managed to get through them with help from some people close to her. They have all made her who she is today: one very strong, determined young lady. I am so blessed to have her as my daughter, and I thank God every day for giving me her to look after on this earth.

Each morning for the last couple of weeks, Kyah has been having toasted banana bread for breakfast. So I decided to make her some. Gluten free banana bread with crushed walnuts and some LSA added. This way I know what she is eating and it has some protein added. It was delicious, especially straight out of the oven.

This week is going to be very busy. A friend is taking us out for dinner for both of our birthdays; Kyah’s is coming up.  We have The Master Series, performed by Queensland Ballet, we are out to see Expressions Dance Company Perform The Dinner Party. Not to mention, the usual dance, school, and Pilates schedule on top of that. In there somewhere she needs to do some work on her Business Diploma.

Psa 110:1-2 The LORD says to my lord: “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.” The LORD will extend your mighty scepter from Zion, saying “Rule in the midst of your enemies!”

Happy Easter

Gosh time flies! The end of term one came and went so quickly, so too has the Easter break.

There was some school stuff Kyah had to get completed before the end of term. She managed to get it done.  Kyah has been really responsible this first term – getting herself up at 4.50am and out the door by 6am. Her life is so busy, but she seems to be really enjoying it.

I think it might get a bit harder as the mornings get colder and darker – but she seems to be quite driven, motivated and taking responsibility now. It is wonderful. A good sign of maturity and growing up.

She went to the dress rehearsal of Queensland Ballet’s Dangerous Liaisons. Being in the academy, it is part of their program to go see the company perform. It is a good experience for the dancers and they learn a lot from it.

I saw Dangerous Liaisons a week later and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a very different ballet, but that is good. It seems to create interest in others that don’t usually attend the ballet. Queensland Ballet are doing so well with their repertoire and quality of performances. Keep it up Queensland Ballet.

Kyah has also been very dedicated to doing pilates at least three times each week. In the school term, she does not attend school on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. So I pick her up from ballet and take her to group pilates sessions. She then does more sessions on Saturday and or Sunday each week. In the holidays she participated in a promotion for the pilates business and did two classes each day for five days, then she did pilates every day they were open. She is getting much stronger and she really enjoys the pilates. I know some of you are asking why am I paying for her to do pilates when I can teach her this myself and we have a gym at home that she can use???? Well, I am sure you adults out there will understand  when I say “I am mum. What would I know?” So it is easier to pay for her to participate in pilates.

She is also seeing her physio every two to three weeks for fine tuning. Jo is really nice, gentle, encouraging, and positive for Kyah. Why am I paying for her to see a physio? Again, I will give you the same answer as before: “I am mum. What would I know?”

I have been doing some boxing with Kyah. She is ready to get in and do that, so I am more than happy to put her through a few rounds with the pads. I am amazed at the strength she has gained over the last few years. She now has a decent punch on her – which is great. Her fitness will improve a lot as well.

We caught up with our dear friend Clare. She taught Kyah ballet in 2017 for a while, and really made a positive impact on Kyah – particularly her confidence and self-belief, not to mention technique. Ballet is a tough world and dancers get so many criticisms and knock backs, they need to learn how to deal with them. Clare has been a huge help with Kyah, especially since Clare has fallen into a role of spiritual advisor for Kyah at times – something Kyah needs to survive in this world.

Clare was over in Japan working for a year and has come back. So we caught up with her. It was a big surprise for Kyah as I did not tell her we were meeting up with Clare. She was so happy. We chatted for a good few hours and could have kept going, but for time constraints.

Kyah and Clare

One of Kyah’s dear friends decided that she didn’t have time for her anymore. Kyah is used to the typical teenage swapping of friends and squabbling that goes on, but this girl meant a lot to Kyah and she was very upset when she heard that this girl did not think they could continue their friendship. Kyah has many friends that she sees once a year or talks to every few months – when they catch up it is as if they were never apart. So both Kyah and I were a bit perplexed at this separation suggestion. But … each to their own. Friends come into your life for a reason or a season. This friendship has obviously run its course and served its  purpose for the both of them. Another life lesson for Kyah. We wish this dear friend all the best that life can offer her.

The school holidays was very busy. As I have already said Kyah did pilates twice a day for the first week. Then every day they were open through the second week. We had to do a trip to the orthodontist for a check up. The dentist for a check up. The doctor for the ‘flu injection. The hairdresser for a wash, style cut, and blow dry. Then the social activities. We caught up with so many people, it was lovely to see them all.

We went to the movies and saw Five Feet Apart. A lovely, emotionally-stirring movie. I think it really depicts the life some CF sufferers have. Kyah also saw Shazam.

Kyah went to Southbank and caught up with friends a few times. Went to the movies, wandered around, used the Lime Scooters – had too much fun!!! Most of her friends have a lot of extra curricular activities in school term, so it is really hard for them to catch up socially then. School holidays is their best chance to catch up.

We went and saw Paris Opera Ballet perform Swan Lake at the Palace Barracks Cinemas. That is always a nice outing. We have seen a number of different ballet companies perform there over the last few years; companies we would never have a chance to see unless they come out to Australia. So it is really good.

We went out to DFO twice in the holidays. Bought a few things, wandered around, caught up with more friends there. Generally had a couple of relaxed, enjoyable days.

We did start playing Monopoly at home. We managed to play for five evenings through the holidays. It may have to be packed up until next holidays now. There is just no spare time.

Our dear friend Anne lost two of her very close friends in a short space of time. We knew one of them and it was such tragic circumstances. Gayle died in a car accident in Peakhurst. Drunk, unlicensed driver, stolen car. Gayle was happily married with two adult children. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all. It is such an unnecessary tragedy. The trail of sadness and grief that is left behind is just so shocking and futile. Then Anne lost her life-time girlfriend to cancer. Again, such a sad situation. Anne has supported Kyah and I through so many situations, I only hope we have helped her get through this tough time so far. There is such a long way to go, and even then, healing is never complete – you just learn to live with the void in your life – however that may look. Anne, Tony, Alex, Bella, and Miriam’s family we are thinking of you all at such a sad time in your lives.

An aside to Kyah’s journey; I am starting to do volunteer work at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. One day each week I will be helping out with the children and parents where needed. Initially you do bedside play, then you are allocated into an area of your preference. My preference is pre op. I am really looking forward to it.

Term two has started today. We are both ready to get right into it again. Work hard, play hard, and rest even harder. We need to be very choosy with our social activities through the school term, so neither of us wear ourselves out.

I was working one morning and was so blessed to have a rainbow right on the oval where I was. A photo opportunity not to pass up.

Gen 9:16 Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.

God is in Control

I feel the need to encourage you all to know that God is watching over us all, all the time. No matter what circumstances we are facing now, God knows we were going to be in this situation. It might be a shock to us, but it is not a shock to Him. When Kyah had her horrific foot injury I asked God “Why?”. He said to me “This will be for My glory.” I chose to walk in that trust from that day on. Kyah and I both have.

A lot has happened since that awful day in 2016. Life has happened. Some days are tough and some are really enjoyable. We have had some really tough times that we have struggled through, and I can see that Kyah has come out a much stronger, more determined person. We are where God wants us to be, and we are happy. 

All thanks be to God. He has allowed the challenges and encouraged and guided Kyah to learn and grow. She is on her journey to fulfil His plans for her. All the time He continues to prepare her for more challenges.

James 1:2-4 2 My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, 3 knowing that the testing of your faith produces [a]patience. 4 But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be [b]perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

We got an ultrasound done on Kyah’s foot this week. Would you believe there is no scar tissue at all! The ligaments are all the correct length and they all function correctly. There is no evidence of laxity in any ligaments. The joints all function and move as they are supposed to. She has no problems with her foot at all. 

What an absolute miracle!

I feel the need to make a list of all the little things that happened in that situation that showed us God had His hand on the situation the entire time. He did not make it happen, but He allowed it to happen. It was up to us to look to Him, to draw from Him and believe in His promises, not to look at what we saw from the world’s eyes, but from God’s eyes and His plan for Kyah.

Going through the situation we did not know a lot of the things that God took control of. But after the event all these little things came out, and we realised slowly just how many miracles God performed through Kyah’s journey.

  • The fact that Kyah’s foot was relocated while we were sitting on the trampoline and the relocation was perfect. This is one absolute miracle. The first paramedics that arrived were not equipped to relocate her foot, so they called for a specialist paramedic. When Ricky arrived he relocated Kyah’s foot while I was still holding her leg. I felt the clunk, clunk, and looked and saw her foot looked normal again. It was not until about three months later that we realised Ricky is a Christian and he prayed while he was relocating her foot. I believe he allowed God to move his hands.
  • Neither of the growth plates were damaged in her tibia or fibula with her breaks. The break in her tibia was close to the growth plate but it did not affect it.
  • The avulsion fracture of the fibula was large. Initially the floating bone was about 5mm from the long bone and we were told Kyah would have to have surgery to reattach the avulsed bone to the fibula with pins and plates. We were also told Kyah needed pins and plates put in the front of her ankle to stabilise it. I prayed about this and God told me “No-one will cut her skin”. Praise The Lord; the specialist said that no operation was necessary”.
  • 5 weeks after the cast came off, the avulsed bone had reattached itself to the fibula. This means Kyah will not have a floating bone in her ligaments which could have caused problems further down the track. Her fibula will look and function as any normal fibula. That is a miracle.
  • There was no soft tissue damage at all. This was something we did not know until 6 weeks after the injury. Once the second cast was taken off, Kyah had an ultrasound on her foot and calf, so we could see the extent of damage to her ligaments and tendons. There was not one tear in her soft tissues at all. That is an absolute miracle.   
  • There was no injury to the syndesmosis. This is the fibrous joint between the tibia and fibula. This was still intact. Usually with an ankle injury, especially to the extent Kyah had, the syndesmosis would be torn and there would be complications with the joint between the tibia and fibula. This did not happen for Kyah. That is a miracle.
  • There is no residual instability. Her ankle is just as strong, stable, and mobile as her right foot. She is able to do everything on her left foot without any compensation, no pain, no dysfunction. Both her feet are so strong now we have to order specially made pointe shoes for her. No one can tell she had an injury to her foot. That is a miracle.
  • There was no issue with the loss of blood supply that Kyah experienced to her foot for so long. Kyah’s foot was dislocated for over 30 minutes. We waited 28minutes for the first paramedics to arrive. Then we had to wait another 8-10 minutes for Ricky to arrive and then relocate. If you look at the photos the paramedics took, you can see that her foot is quite grey. This is due to a lack of blood to the foot. Praise The Lord, there was no issue with the lack of blood for such a long time.   
  • The first plaster cast Kyah had, she was saying her foot was really sore and pointing to where the avulsion fracture was. I just assumed it was the break that was causing her the pain.  We did not realise until the first cast was taken off that there was a fold of plaster rubbing right where the avulsion fracture was. A year later I realised how much God had protected her in this situation. I heard about another child with a cast on her foot and the cast was rubbing and irritating her skin: exactly what Kyah had experienced. Unfortunately, for this child, the plaster fold eventually broke through the skin and caused an infection which required massive antibiotics and a number of surgeries to remove all the affected soft tissue. Praise The Lord for His protection over Kyah.
  • As I said previously: Kyah had an ultra sound done this week. The ultrasound showed there is no scar tissue at all. All her ligaments function correctly, all her bones move smoothly, and not one of the ligaments are weak or lax. We were fortunate enough to have a functional ultrasound done. This meant we could see all the ligaments working, and see if there was any laxity or dysfunction in the ligaments. Not one of them has anything wrong. The sonographer could not see there had ever been any injury in her left foot. There is no scar tissue at all. That is a miracle. 
  • The fact Kyah’s skin did not tear open is also a miracle. If you google “complete dislocation” you will often see the skin has torn and causes the soft tissue to come out. Kyah’s complete dislocation was extreme, and it would be expected for the skin to tear open. God’s hand of protection was definitely over Kyah. When the skin tears the risk of infection in the bones (hard tissue) and all the soft tissue increases, and this may cause life long complications. Praise The Lord, this did not happen to Kyah.
  • Kyah was back dancing and competing on pointe 6 months after the injury. 

Each of our journeys is different and there will be times when they become very difficult. If I can say anything to you for encouragement – have a relationship with Our Lord, hear His will for you and walk with Him leading you. Never give up.

Jeremiah 29:11  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Just So Busy

Well it is already almost half way through March, 2019. Life is just flying by, and every minute of our days and evenings are busy.

This amazing flower was at one of our friend’s houses. It is part of a cactus plant. The flower opens at night. It is really large and stunning to look at. The photo does not do it justice.

Kyah has a very busy schedule – she is up before 5am every weekday and leaves the house just after 6am. Catches two buses to the venue for ballet. They start at 7.30am. She usually finishes her dance by 12.30pm and is then bused over to the school for afternoon classes. These classes finish by 5pm. She is home by 6pm. Long days for her. Then Saturdays she currently dances 8.30am-2pm.

As I have said previously, we managed to be very strategic with her subject selection at school so Kyah does not have to attend school two afternoons each week. She is required to do studies outside of school on top of her limited subjects that she has to do at school. This seems to give her a bit of time in the afternoons to focus on prehab and strength stuff for her ballet, as well as ensure her school work is getting done.

So far it is working. She does specific Pilates classes two or three times each week outside of ballet to help improve strength. This is on top of all the stuff she does at home; massage balls for trigger point releasing, stretching tight muscles, strengthening specific areas, specific foot strengthening, going through her corrections step by step and whatever else has to be done.

We have both noticed it is getting darker in the mornings and very occasionally slightly cooler. I can imagine when it is winter and she is doing this routine it will be much more difficult. But at the moment she is getting up every morning without complaint. She even opts to do a 6.30am Pilates class on Sunday mornings! That is dedication.

We managed to catch up with one of Kyah’s friends from the Gold Coast and her family. It was Emma’s 16th birthday. A swim in the pool, lots of chatting and catching up on what’s been going on in their lives and a nice reconnection for the girls.

We also caught up with our friends that recently got back from spending 6 months living in Vanuatu. It was lovely seeing them again and hearing about the lifestyle over there and how different it is to here. The girls seem to have settled back in to normal school and life over here again, which is great.

We had an international student stay with us for a month. It was lovely to have her stay. We both really enjoy having the students stay. Learning about them and their culture, welcoming them to Australia and helping them settle in to life over here. We eagerly await the arrival of the next student.

We had a fun day out with our friend Theresa. We managed to get complimentary make overs at Mecca Maxima. So the three of us went and had  a fun afternoon of make up application. I am not sure any of us have that much spare time in any day to take that long to apply make up… But it was fun and we all looked great. It is amazing what make up can do , haha.

One Sunday afternoon was spent with Kyah’s friend Emily and her mum. Southbank is such a good place to meet and wander around as well as finding a great place to eat.  Emily did so well in her year 12 final exams. She is Kyah’s age and has completed year 12 already. Emily has now started university studying medicine. The girls are on different career paths, but they are both very mature and also both very dedicated to what their passion and dream is, so they have a great bond and understanding between them. We are organising a 2 hour spa pamper for the both of them as a joint 16th birthday present. They will enjoy that, each package has been designed to specifically suit each girl. That will be in April. Something for them to look forward to.

One Saturday afternoon we drove up to Coolum so we could present Kyah’s foot testimony and perform the dance from church, to a group of women. It was so well received and all the women were just amazed at Kyah’s miraculous healing and now her ability to dance without any problems. We have found that this in itself has encouraged so many people to hold on to the promises God has given them. We need to know His will for us and stand on that promise no matter what we see in the real world. Believe what God says will come to pass.  Stand on His word and walk in faith and hope.

Isa 55:11 So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.

It ended up being quite a late night for all of us. Kyah ended up getting a bit of a head cold for the following 5 days, but she recovered very well. We need to look into her getting the flu injection very soon as a preventive measure for the winter months.

Kyah has been doing partner work each week this year and she generally works with the same partner. She is really enjoying working with him and he is slightly older and therefore more experienced, so he is giving her tips on how to work with him better. She just seems to be taking everything in her stride this year.

Kyah saw her physio and Jo complimented her on how much stronger she is getting. This was really nice to hear. Kyah is extremely flexible  (hypermobile) and usually people that are hypermobile find it harder to get strong and even harder to look strong. So all the effort she is putting in is finally coming to fruition. It is encouraging for both of us to have confirmation and see the results of the efforts.

The Bolshoi ballet are performing in June/July this year. I have purchased tickets for us to go see them. Neither of us have seen Spartacus live before, so I bought tickets to that.  It should be a great ballet to see, as the Bolshoi are renowned as being one of the best ballet companies in the world.

Kyah has made a couple of really nice friends with some girls in her ballet year. They seem to hang together, chat and get on very well. It is nice to see that Kyah is really enjoying what she is doing and the people she is with. What an absolute blessing to be in a situation where you totally enjoy what you are doing and the people around you. She has had some very positive feedback on her progress so far this year, which is wonderful too.

There was a 16th birthday party last weekend. Lots of people were there. Kyah had a great time. We then had to go to a friends birthday dinner party. So another long day for Kyah, but we make sure she has down time to recover and relax and regenerate, ready for the next week.

There is another busy week ahead. We are just so thankful for everything we have been given and seeing God’s plan come to fruition. Seeing these things come to reality definitely helps with reinforcing one’s faith. Kyah is relatively young and she has really been tried and tested.  For her to see the promises come about in her life has most certainly helped with her faith and hope.

Rom 8:28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.