The Countdown is On

We are so excited! We are finally moving house! We have been living in a rental for three years since we moved to Brisbane. Initially we thought it best to rent so we could get to know Brisbane and the different areas to live in. Then once we knew what was happening with Kyah and her ballet we could decide if we would move back to the Gold Coast or stay in Brisbane.

Well, you guessed it, we have decided to stay in Brisbane. It is actually a really good city to live in. It is not overcrowded – so far… It has all the cultural things a person would want; live theatre, museums, art galleries. It has lovely walks and cycle paths. The weather is great – except the occasional very hot, sticky summer’s day – aka “The Cauldron”. The cost of living is not too bad at the moment… However, if everyone from down south continues to move up here and force the prices of housing up it will make Brisbane another fairly unaffordable city for property buyers.

We have been looking for a house to buy for 18 months and could not find one suitable until three months ago. We would occasionally find a house that “would do”, and I’d put an offer on it and find it was already sold. The housing market up here is totally crazy at the moment. Anyway, November last year we looked at eight houses in one day. Only one of them suited us and it was just perfect for what we need. I put an offer on it, and within four hours of the open home we were signing contracts. We were so fortunate they wanted a long settlement because we needed a long settlement due to the lease of the rental we are in finishing in early March this year; the landlord and rental agents we have, would not allow us to break the lease without huge penalties. So we have been really fortunate the sellers were happy to have a long settlement period.

I put my house on the Gold Coast on the market and it sold within four days of being listed. As I said, the market is crazy up here at the moment. Again, we needed a long settlement because the tenants’ lease finished at the end of February this year, and in this situation, she did not want to move out until the very end of her lease, so I could not force her to leave. The timing for settlement and the leases all being completed is too coincidental to not be an absolute blessing for us – considering the huge hassle we had with the first house we moved into when we moved up here. We were there for eight weeks and it flooded and ruined thousands of dollars of our personal items. Then we had to move and sign another lease. It is just amazing that the timing is so perfect for all three houses to be ready at almost the exact same time! Praise The Lord. Settlement is 1st March!

Anyway, our focus has been on moving for almost three months now. We have been restoring furniture, culling, packing. The house is just perfect for us. It’s got a rumpus room that is ideal for my gym, a small pool, 4 bedrooms, the garage has a 3 metre high ceiling; again perfect for all my boxing equipment. Location is great for us – up on a hill, north facing backyard, beautiful views to the city, fully renovated, quiet street. What more could we ask for??

We are almost completely packed – boxes everywhere in the house. Kyah’s dad is coming up to help us move and he will set up all my gym equipment, flooring (compressed rubber matting), etc. Kyah is really looking forward to seeing her dad and moving. We will get the dogs to come and live with us once we are settled. They have not been able to live with us because the yard we currently have is not dog proof. We live close to a main road and the dogs escaped a few times and they were found wandering on the road and the risk of them getting hit by a car was too great, so Kevin has been minding the dogs for us.

Renting has been an absolute nightmare. I could rave on for ages about all the terrible things that have happened; the agents have done nothing to help us; the landlord has gone out of her way to not repair and maintain items – to the point the house is now technically not safe to live in. In actual fact, the rental board are encouraging me to take the agents and the landlord to the tribunal – that is how bad they have been!!! So I have documents totalling 48 pages detailing some of the things they have done and are not supposed to do, and things they have not done and are supposed to do. That will be fun times ahead.

Anyway, Kyah has been working a fair bit. She has five pilates studios that she works in and she is somehow managing to juggle all five locations. She is really enjoying the working life and earning money of her own. She has never had the opportunity before to work and earn money because she has always been so busy with dance, school and trying to do everything for both of those.  She is also enjoying being around people who are actually nice to her! It must be such a refreshing change for her to have people that are not rude, nasty, bully her or try to cut her out. I am so pleased and very relieved she is past all the nastiness and pretentious behaviour that has surrounded her for so long.

She has driven down to the Gold Coast a few times to see a girlfriend and stayed overnight. This too is so nice to see happen. These are things she never had time to do or never felt welcomed to do. She has caught up with another girlfriend in Brisbane and gone out for dinner with her. Again, it is so nice she is doing that. It is also such a quick transition from total dependency to independence. She has her own car, she now has her own money, she is working, she is not at school. She is able to go out and about. It is such a quick transition. I am really happy for her.  I can see why some parents have some sort of conniption as it is happening. I am just so happy for her she is finally enjoying herself and feeling like she belongs.

She has been asked to consider if she would teach a “Dance for Fitness” class to residents in a retirement village. She is going to do it – she seems very keen and the residents also seem very keen to have the class. The ideas for the class sounds really fun. Watch this space.

It has been such a different season this last month sorting out a tax file number and a superannuation company for my not-so-little girl any more. She is now a young woman out there earning money, enjoying herself, making good life choices. Wow! It is only now that I realise when everyone used to say to me “they grow up faster than you think and soon enough they will be out doing their own thing”.  Yes, it has happened. It is a sudden change, but I am so happy for her that she is out there enjoying herself. The last 17 years have now passed relatively quickly, but I remember being in the moment with her and some days, times, stages, phases were not quick at all.  Both she and I seem to have got through the last 17 years relatively unscathed – there are some terrible scars people have left in Kyah and hopefully in time those scars will fade. Her resilience and tolerance is much greater towards people than it would have been if she hadn’t been through what she has. Life is the school of hard knocks.

Luna sniffing one of Kyah’s shoes

Our adopted cat “Luna”. He comes and visits us every day – he stays most of the day with us. I am sure when we leave, he will miss us. He is such a funny little cat. He loves sticking his head in Kyah’s shoes, hugging the shoe, then he wrestles them. We have not had cats before so are not sure if this is “normal” cat behaviour, but we think it is pretty strange. All of my clients love him. He will lie next to them, snuggle into them, lie on their bags and shoes and basically just be a beautiful-natured cat. Not once in three years have I seen his claws come out. He is a typical cat in that he ignores you unless he wants something. He has some traits that are similar to a dog. He will be lying down somewhere, and hear Kyah’s car pull up – his ears prick up, his interest is heightened and he does not put his head down again until he sees her come in and she pats him. Mind you – he is still very much a cat in that he does not race to meet Kyah like a dog would – he lies there waiting for her to come to him! Kyah has loved having him around. She misses the dogs terribly but understands why we can’t have them here. Luna has been a great substitute.

We will definitely miss Luna – he has been a part of our lives for three years here. He just came in one day and made himself at home. He goes back to his owner’s house every night, but spends most of his days with us. We hope the new tenants here like cats – or at least take a liking to Luna as we have. I know most of my clients will also miss him. They are all saying their goodbyes to him as their last training session here is complete.

Luna wrestling with another one of her shoes

We are trying to eat as much food as possible before we move so it doesn’t have to be moved. We made a divine GF pizza. Home made pizzas are usually good – you can put as much of your fave foods that you like. We are quite generous with most toppings – there really is not comparison between a shop bought pizza and a home made pizza, is there??  We still have miles of food in the cupboard and fridge that ideally are eaten before we move. We are managing to get through it, but will definitely not get through it all.

We have purchased a new front loader washing machine; sold the top loader. Sold our leather lounge suite. Bought a lovely sofa, two occasional chairs and a storage ottoman. It is exciting times now – only a couple of days and we will be in our own home again – newly renovated, with some new furniture and everything old has been refurbished to look new and all match.

We still have a bit more packing to do. It shouldn’t take long to finalise everything we need to do now. Cleaners have been organised. Removalists are organised. Mail redirection done. Internet and electricity sorted. Final inspection for the new house was done yesterday. There is so much that needs to be done when you move – it is hard to keep track. Doing all this as well as cleaning each room thoroughly, running a business and working more than full time hours – life has been very hectic.  Kyah is not quite as busy as I am, but she has helped a bit with stuff.
Tomorrow is settlement day. It will be all systems go from tonight. I have friends lending me their vehicle and trailer. I will pack the trailer tonight, the car tomorrow (in between clients). Kevin arrives at 12 noon. Kyah will pick him up, they are meeting the owners at the house to do the key exchange, then the painting of Kyah’s bedroom will start, unpacking the trailer, laying the gym flooring, hanging punching bags, speed balls etc.  By the end of the week we will be totally moved out of here and in our new home. Big moving day is Thursday when the professionals come in to move the big furniture and heavy items. We are so looking forward to it.
Isaiah 43:18-19
18 Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. 
19See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.