Term Three Almost Done

The year is flying by. We are racing around every day, trying to fit everything into our busy schedules. We have to forego many offers of catch-ups and get-togethers, but both Kyah and I realise there is a means to an end for all this work, dedication and relinquishing of special times.

This term is the busiest one she has had so far; school commitments, assessments, assignments, her diploma, a dance performance night. Then add to that the dance commitments she has with Queensland Ballet; six days each week, her pilates for prehabilitation and strength enhancement three times each week, and the fortnightly physio appointment to ensure no bad habits creep in. We hardly see each other at the moment, with her schedule and mine, but sometimes that is not a bad thing when they are teenagers!!!! Did I just say that???

Kyah had a few Sunday dance commitments for school prep for their “2019 Night of Dance”. She was only in 2 dances for the night, but the planning and prep requires all dancers to be there for certain times. This way the teachers know all students are fully aware of what they are required to do, where they need to be and when. She enjoyed performing “A Chorus Line” and the “Finale”. She realised from last year that being in too many things added extra pressure on to her, and that is something she simply does not need at this point. Most of the year 11 Queensland Ballet kids only did the two dances, for this reason.

This is not a good photo but it’s the only one I have access to at the moment. The night ended up being quite a late finish, which was expected, but not really what she needed.

Kyah performed in “A Chorus Line” with the Year 11 dance class.

It was nice to see Kyah dance as I have not seen her perform for a while. Soon though…

Kyah’s school commitments have been huge this year. Her load, if she completes it all will have her graduate high school with 27 points. Even though she and I planned and sorted her subject selection carefully to ensure she had a relatively “easy” load, the school requirements have been such that she has had to undertake other subjects up to this point. It is now at the point where both Kyah and I know she needs to reduce her load by at least 4 points. 20 points are what is required to graduate. So I called a meeting with some school staff and thankfully, we have come up with a plan.  We are implementing a better program for her so she is not going along blindly with certain subjects, and she will be able to drop certain subjects once she has accumulated a specific number of points. Already it seems to be a much better option and program for Kyah because, this now gives her guidance and instruction on a regular basis, as well as an incentive to get her business diploma done, as this accumulates points with every module completed.

Just recently, Kyah had do to a practical dance assessment and then report on it. The assessment was quite a task, and involved filming of the dancers in a specific room. The issue Kyah faced was trying to coordinate the availability of the room, when she and the other dancer were both available, as well as having someone film the entire dance. It ended up far too hard to coordinate and have access to the room, so Kyah ended up using me as her dancer!!! So the initial choreography was altered dramatically to compensate for my lack of ability to look like a ballet dancer. We had a great laugh, mostly at my expense, but we finally got the job done. The story was told, and it was a very effective method of putting the story out there. We used our gym, so we just packed up half the room and made it look like a ballet room as best we could, then went for it. Kyah ended up getting a very good result for it. So, all in all, even though it was a very stressful time trying to get it done, it was very successful in the end. Thought I’d include this photo for those of you that want a bit of a laugh. Kyah is not even trying to look elegant, and I am!!! Note to self: stick with my vocation, and don’t expect a call up from and dance company any time soon. Haha.

Kyah has managed to have a bit of social time. Catching up with friends from school and ballet outside of both, but her main focus this term has been school and dance. Just trying to get all her work done and handed in on time.

I made her some “cookie dough flavoured” bliss balls for a relatively healthy snack, along with apple and cinnamon muffins and banana bread. All have been consumed pretty heartily. Kyah’s whole existence revolves around her dance; eating well, getting enough sleep, getting through her school work quickly and effectively, to ensure she has enough time to do all that is required for dance. This is a lifestyle she has adopted and will continue to do  for the length of time she wishes to pursue this avenue. It is almost 100% dedication, which she does not seem to mind at all.

These are pretty yum!!! Cookie dough flavoured.

We went and saw Bangarra Dance Theatre perform at QPAC. It was their 30th Anniversary Season. The performance was great. That was last Saturday night. The night was not too late, and Kyah was able to have a good sleep-in on the Sunday, so she was well prepared for this week of school and dance.


My dad has been unwell the last few months and this came to a climax two weeks ago. Both Kyah and I have been on edge a bit with that; as it is stressful when close  family and friends are unwell. We are believing for God’s will to be done in the situation and whatever that looks like, we know it will the best for all concerned.

Winter is just about over, but we had a couple of mornings recently with some beautiful heavy fog. It was just amazing to see. Kyah still got up and was ready and out the door by 6am. No complaints from her. She got some great shots of the city all fogged-up while she was travelling to dance. I was training people in this and it was just so serene.


Queensland Ballet are currently performing Romeo & Juliet at QPAC. I went to see them on Tuesday night; dress rehearsal night. Kyah made the decision not go to. Reason being: early in the week, so much school work on at the moment, and a very late night, hard to catch up on missed sleep at the moment. It was a wise decision. She did miss a good night though.

The ballet was absolutely beautiful. Lots to look at and enjoy, the story was told very well, costumes were great, music performed by Queensland Symphony Orchestra was wonderful, dancing was amazing. It is easy to see why Queensland Ballet are considered one of the best Ballet Companies in the world at the moment. I very much recommend you go to see this.

Link is here:


So we (mostly me!) are going through all our “stuff”. There’s 2 huge boxes of barbie things that we are currently preparing to sell. It is time to move on from the childhood and get rid of things we simply do not need any more. There are so many thing we accumulate over the years. Now it is time for us to get rid of what we don’t need. We are still renting in Brisbane and one day we hope to move into our own place, so the fewer things we have to move, the better. Culling can be very therapeutic and cleansing. It is that way so far for us.

The school holidays start September 20, 2019. There is so much to get done before that, so it is heads down and get it done. Kyah will also be doing her diploma through the holidays as well as dancing, but at least the intensity will be reduced a bit and she may not have the early mornings…

Queensland Ballet have their Academy Gala coming up, from October 18-20. I have had lots of people asking how to buy tickets to come and watch. It is a great performance to see if you want to see good quality dancers at not a huge cost. Obviously the dancers have started preparing for the Gala now, and will do so over the school holidays as well. I am looking forward to seeing Kyah perform. You never know what dances they are in until the actual performance time. But that is part of show business.

Here is the link to purchase tickets if you are interested.


2 Cor 1:20 For all the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our AMEN to God for his glory. (ESV)