Bolshoi Ballet

We are almost half way through the year.
The last few weeks have been very busy for Kyah. Dance exams completed. She feels she did fairly well with these. We are waiting eagerly for the written report to come so we can see what  the teachers think of her performances.
Even though Kyah got the flu injection, she managed to get a bit of a flu / cold thing which knocked her around a bit. She seems to be much better now, which is great.  A lot of people seem to have the cold / flu hang around for weeks or months on end. So she has done pretty well to avoid it lingering.  She eats very well and I am sure this helps with her recovering faster and not being knocked around as bad as others.
Queensland Ballet had a “Demonstration Day” performance. It was held over two days and the dancers performed three times in front of dance teachers, dance kids, family and friends. It was great to see the different levels of the Senior Program showcase what they are doing and to notice the progress Kyah has made since last year. We had some friends come to watch Kyah perform and they loved it. It is really nice to have people support Kyah on this journey, and give her their feedback on how she dances, especially those people that know something about dance. I have to say I just love watching Kyah dance. I truly believe she has a blessing and a gift and it is a pure joy to watch her.

Krystle, Kyah, me, Luell

Krystle, Kyah, Deb, Luell

We finally had a chance to go shopping for Kyah’s birthday. I decided that after the demo day  Kyah needed, and deserved, some time out and some retail therapy. So we went to Chermside Shopping Centre. We spent a good few hours there and a bit of Kyah’s birthday money. We had a great time wandering around and looking at stuff, purchasing the things she wanted, and not having to worry about being somewhere, or doing something.
For the last 6 weeks we have had one homestay girl from Japan. She has been lovely. We then had another girl arrive last week, so it was time to empty “that room”.  You know the room that you shove everything in? Well, it was emptied and sorted for the new homestay girl. There was lots of things to sort through and decide what could and should be done with stuff. There was about 8 leotards that Kyah has outgrown that she may have worn once or twice, skirts that go over the leotards and maybe 10 pairs of stockings that Kyah will never wear again. Not to mention old dance shoes, craft stuff, dance outfits, all our office and school work, along with desks and furniture. The forced culling and sorting was great and is a process I have not yet finished.
It was our dear friend, Theresa’s, birthday through the week, so we went out for dinner with a few friends to a restaurant  called “George’s Paragon” on Eagle St, Pier. The food was absolutely divine. It was also a lovely night catching up with friends we don’t usually see on a social basis. So a night out, that wasn’t too late was great.

Carol & Theresa

Last night we went to QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Centre), and saw the Bolshoi Ballet perform “Spartacus”. It was fantastic. Neither Kyah or I had seen “Spartacus” live before, and it was really good. The costumes, props, choreography; as well as the technique and execution of the ballet by the dancers, and the live music by Queensland Symphony Orchestra, was all just fantastic. It was a sell out, and I am not surprised. We went with friends who just loved it too. The applause went for about 7-8 minutes, so that indicates the audiences’ appreciation of the show. If you have not bought tickets yet, and you have time to go, I suggest you go see them; it is not often the Bolshoi Ballet come to Australia.

Bernie, Michael, me, Kyah

Kyah has been on holidays from school and dance for one week now. In that time she has been doing pilates every day, doing some of her Diploma in Business ever day and doing her PrepL course. That is one huge benefit with her subject selection for years 11 and 12. Kyah has minimal assessment deadlines for school. So many of the kids have had assessments due these last few weeks. Kyah has had an English exam and needs to prepare for a dance prac exam, but the only other subject she needs to really consider at this point is doing her diploma. At this stage she could be a bit further on with her course than she is, but handing the first module in was the indicator as to what level is expected as well as the amount of work to hand in. Once she figured that out, doing the modules after has been relatively easy.
Kyah would like to get her learners permit over the holidays. The PrepL course is the new way to do the theory exam. I think it is a great way for the kids to learn. Once they have satisfied a certain amount of criteria, they are able to sit their theory exam. Apparently it is going to be the way potential new drivers will have the learners permit taught and to do the exam in the near future. From what I have seen, it is very beneficial. Kyah is learning a lot and is retaining what she is learning. I think she will have time to do the exam before school and dance start again in just over a week.
So there is never a dull moment here. Always something going on. Kyah flies to see her dad tomorrow for a few days. Then she comes back home with our dear friend Anne. Another very busy week here next week, then ready for school. More on that next time.
Ecc; 11:6-8
Sow your seed in the morning,
    and at evening let your hands not be idle,
for you do not know which will succeed,
    whether this or that,
    or whether both will do equally well.

Birthday Celebrations are almost Complete

The month of May is now over. Under normal circumstances, once May is done, so are our birthday celebrations. But this year is a special birthday for Kyah, as she has turned 16. She still has another upcoming surprise to celebrate her milestone.  More on that later – once it happens.

Theresa & Kyah

Kyah’s birthday was two weeks ago now. She was given some amazing presents and experiences from some very beautiful people we have in our lives. A hair makeover which she loved. She got as much hair cut off as she could so it still reaches into a bun. Kyah’s hair is so thick and heavy it becomes cumbersome after a while in a bun. So, she has opted for as short as possible for the time being. She loves it, and it looks beautiful.

The day of Kyah’s birthday was a bit of a surprise for Kyah. Her dad came up and surprised her.  Also, the group of girls I have for training that evening were more than happy to hang around for a while after their session to celebrate Kyah’s birthday and share some of the  delicious  GF chocolate mud cake that was made. They all gave her some beautiful presents, but the most meaningful thing these girls gave Kyah was their time and love. They each adore her and them being there made it a very special day for Kyah. Thank you all.




Kyah was given a gift of a facial, massage and pamper package, so the weekend after Kyah’s birthday, straight after dance practice, we raced out with Theresa to Carindale where we each had a scrumptious drink, and then Kyah had her pamper. When we picked her up, it was like she was on another planet – totally zoned out. Her skin was glowing and more beautiful than usual, and she was so relaxed. She just loved it.

That same night there was a celebration for her and another ballet girl, who share the same birthdate. The dancers all went to Southbank and enjoyed food at a place called “Cowch” – it’s a dessert bar. All the kids enjoyed it. Some of the others wandered around after, but it wasn’t a late night for Kyah as she is pretty focused on getting enough sleep and looking after herself so she can perform at her peak, or as close to, all the time.  I picked her up and she was home, in bed fairly early.

We caught up with our friends from the Gold Coast; Kate and Misha. There was an eisteddfod on last weekend and they came up to Brisbane to participate in it. It was lovely seeing them again. Kyah actually got to see another girl, Leila, she used to dance with about 4 years ago. It was a great night. Company was great, food was good. Only problem was it was a bit cold outside!!! Winter is coming. We do not like the cold.

Kyah had her ballet exam last week and she just completed  her contemporary, pas de deux (partner) and character exams this week. It is always a bit stressful for the Kyah because the exams contribute to her being accepted back next year. These exams are more for her to find out where she needs to focus on for improvement to ensure she passes her end of year exams. So it is critical for her to preform as best she can in each and every exam.

Tonight was the Year 11 Semi Formal celebration for the school. Kyah went to a friend’s house with three other girls and the five girls got ready together and all arrived at the pier together. They went on a boat along the Brisbane River. Kyah reported that it was a good time had by all participants. There was about 300 year 11 kids on board, so I can imagine there was fun and frivolities. Again, there were after parties to go to, but Kyah needs to get up early tomorrow morning ready for dance, so she has opted to come home and sleep. There are constant sacrifices she makes in order to pursue her dream. I continue to pray and believe that she is walking the path chosen for her, and that path is becoming more defined each and every day.


Tomorrow after dance we plan on going on a shopping spree. Kyah received some money for her birthday, plus gift vouchers. So we plan on spending a few hours looking at things she may like to buy. This will be a nice little break from the high pressure of the last few weeks.

A huge thank you to everyone who made Kyah’s 16th birthday a very special and memorable time. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful and beautiful friends in our lives. Each one of you that played a part, impacted Kyah in a special way. Both of us are extremely grateful to you all and  you all have a special place in our lives and our hearts.

John 15: 16 You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit – fruit that will last – and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.