God is in Control

I feel the need to encourage you all to know that God is watching over us all, all the time. No matter what circumstances we are facing now, God knows we were going to be in this situation. It might be a shock to us, but it is not a shock to Him. When Kyah had her horrific foot injury I asked God “Why?”. He said to me “This will be for My glory.” I chose to walk in that trust from that day on. Kyah and I both have.

A lot has happened since that awful day in 2016. Life has happened. Some days are tough and some are really enjoyable. We have had some really tough times that we have struggled through, and I can see that Kyah has come out a much stronger, more determined person. We are where God wants us to be, and we are happy. 

All thanks be to God. He has allowed the challenges and encouraged and guided Kyah to learn and grow. She is on her journey to fulfil His plans for her. All the time He continues to prepare her for more challenges.

James 1:2-4 2 My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, 3 knowing that the testing of your faith produces [a]patience. 4 But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be [b]perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

We got an ultrasound done on Kyah’s foot this week. Would you believe there is no scar tissue at all! The ligaments are all the correct length and they all function correctly. There is no evidence of laxity in any ligaments. The joints all function and move as they are supposed to. She has no problems with her foot at all. 

What an absolute miracle!

I feel the need to make a list of all the little things that happened in that situation that showed us God had His hand on the situation the entire time. He did not make it happen, but He allowed it to happen. It was up to us to look to Him, to draw from Him and believe in His promises, not to look at what we saw from the world’s eyes, but from God’s eyes and His plan for Kyah.

Going through the situation we did not know a lot of the things that God took control of. But after the event all these little things came out, and we realised slowly just how many miracles God performed through Kyah’s journey.

  • The fact that Kyah’s foot was relocated while we were sitting on the trampoline and the relocation was perfect. This is one absolute miracle. The first paramedics that arrived were not equipped to relocate her foot, so they called for a specialist paramedic. When Ricky arrived he relocated Kyah’s foot while I was still holding her leg. I felt the clunk, clunk, and looked and saw her foot looked normal again. It was not until about three months later that we realised Ricky is a Christian and he prayed while he was relocating her foot. I believe he allowed God to move his hands.
  • Neither of the growth plates were damaged in her tibia or fibula with her breaks. The break in her tibia was close to the growth plate but it did not affect it.
  • The avulsion fracture of the fibula was large. Initially the floating bone was about 5mm from the long bone and we were told Kyah would have to have surgery to reattach the avulsed bone to the fibula with pins and plates. We were also told Kyah needed pins and plates put in the front of her ankle to stabilise it. I prayed about this and God told me “No-one will cut her skin”. Praise The Lord; the specialist said that no operation was necessary”.
  • 5 weeks after the cast came off, the avulsed bone had reattached itself to the fibula. This means Kyah will not have a floating bone in her ligaments which could have caused problems further down the track. Her fibula will look and function as any normal fibula. That is a miracle.
  • There was no soft tissue damage at all. This was something we did not know until 6 weeks after the injury. Once the second cast was taken off, Kyah had an ultrasound on her foot and calf, so we could see the extent of damage to her ligaments and tendons. There was not one tear in her soft tissues at all. That is an absolute miracle.   
  • There was no injury to the syndesmosis. This is the fibrous joint between the tibia and fibula. This was still intact. Usually with an ankle injury, especially to the extent Kyah had, the syndesmosis would be torn and there would be complications with the joint between the tibia and fibula. This did not happen for Kyah. That is a miracle.
  • There is no residual instability. Her ankle is just as strong, stable, and mobile as her right foot. She is able to do everything on her left foot without any compensation, no pain, no dysfunction. Both her feet are so strong now we have to order specially made pointe shoes for her. No one can tell she had an injury to her foot. That is a miracle.
  • There was no issue with the loss of blood supply that Kyah experienced to her foot for so long. Kyah’s foot was dislocated for over 30 minutes. We waited 28minutes for the first paramedics to arrive. Then we had to wait another 8-10 minutes for Ricky to arrive and then relocate. If you look at the photos the paramedics took, you can see that her foot is quite grey. This is due to a lack of blood to the foot. Praise The Lord, there was no issue with the lack of blood for such a long time.   
  • The first plaster cast Kyah had, she was saying her foot was really sore and pointing to where the avulsion fracture was. I just assumed it was the break that was causing her the pain.  We did not realise until the first cast was taken off that there was a fold of plaster rubbing right where the avulsion fracture was. A year later I realised how much God had protected her in this situation. I heard about another child with a cast on her foot and the cast was rubbing and irritating her skin: exactly what Kyah had experienced. Unfortunately, for this child, the plaster fold eventually broke through the skin and caused an infection which required massive antibiotics and a number of surgeries to remove all the affected soft tissue. Praise The Lord for His protection over Kyah.
  • As I said previously: Kyah had an ultra sound done this week. The ultrasound showed there is no scar tissue at all. All her ligaments function correctly, all her bones move smoothly, and not one of the ligaments are weak or lax. We were fortunate enough to have a functional ultrasound done. This meant we could see all the ligaments working, and see if there was any laxity or dysfunction in the ligaments. Not one of them has anything wrong. The sonographer could not see there had ever been any injury in her left foot. There is no scar tissue at all. That is a miracle. 
  • The fact Kyah’s skin did not tear open is also a miracle. If you google “complete dislocation” you will often see the skin has torn and causes the soft tissue to come out. Kyah’s complete dislocation was extreme, and it would be expected for the skin to tear open. God’s hand of protection was definitely over Kyah. When the skin tears the risk of infection in the bones (hard tissue) and all the soft tissue increases, and this may cause life long complications. Praise The Lord, this did not happen to Kyah.
  • Kyah was back dancing and competing on pointe 6 months after the injury. 

Each of our journeys is different and there will be times when they become very difficult. If I can say anything to you for encouragement – have a relationship with Our Lord, hear His will for you and walk with Him leading you. Never give up.

Jeremiah 29:11  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Just So Busy

Well it is already almost half way through March, 2019. Life is just flying by, and every minute of our days and evenings are busy.

This amazing flower was at one of our friend’s houses. It is part of a cactus plant. The flower opens at night. It is really large and stunning to look at. The photo does not do it justice.

Kyah has a very busy schedule – she is up before 5am every weekday and leaves the house just after 6am. Catches two buses to the venue for ballet. They start at 7.30am. She usually finishes her dance by 12.30pm and is then bused over to the school for afternoon classes. These classes finish by 5pm. She is home by 6pm. Long days for her. Then Saturdays she currently dances 8.30am-2pm.

As I have said previously, we managed to be very strategic with her subject selection at school so Kyah does not have to attend school two afternoons each week. She is required to do studies outside of school on top of her limited subjects that she has to do at school. This seems to give her a bit of time in the afternoons to focus on prehab and strength stuff for her ballet, as well as ensure her school work is getting done.

So far it is working. She does specific Pilates classes two or three times each week outside of ballet to help improve strength. This is on top of all the stuff she does at home; massage balls for trigger point releasing, stretching tight muscles, strengthening specific areas, specific foot strengthening, going through her corrections step by step and whatever else has to be done.

We have both noticed it is getting darker in the mornings and very occasionally slightly cooler. I can imagine when it is winter and she is doing this routine it will be much more difficult. But at the moment she is getting up every morning without complaint. She even opts to do a 6.30am Pilates class on Sunday mornings! That is dedication.

We managed to catch up with one of Kyah’s friends from the Gold Coast and her family. It was Emma’s 16th birthday. A swim in the pool, lots of chatting and catching up on what’s been going on in their lives and a nice reconnection for the girls.

We also caught up with our friends that recently got back from spending 6 months living in Vanuatu. It was lovely seeing them again and hearing about the lifestyle over there and how different it is to here. The girls seem to have settled back in to normal school and life over here again, which is great.

We had an international student stay with us for a month. It was lovely to have her stay. We both really enjoy having the students stay. Learning about them and their culture, welcoming them to Australia and helping them settle in to life over here. We eagerly await the arrival of the next student.

We had a fun day out with our friend Theresa. We managed to get complimentary make overs at Mecca Maxima. So the three of us went and had  a fun afternoon of make up application. I am not sure any of us have that much spare time in any day to take that long to apply make up… But it was fun and we all looked great. It is amazing what make up can do , haha.

One Sunday afternoon was spent with Kyah’s friend Emily and her mum. Southbank is such a good place to meet and wander around as well as finding a great place to eat.  Emily did so well in her year 12 final exams. She is Kyah’s age and has completed year 12 already. Emily has now started university studying medicine. The girls are on different career paths, but they are both very mature and also both very dedicated to what their passion and dream is, so they have a great bond and understanding between them. We are organising a 2 hour spa pamper for the both of them as a joint 16th birthday present. They will enjoy that, each package has been designed to specifically suit each girl. That will be in April. Something for them to look forward to.

One Saturday afternoon we drove up to Coolum so we could present Kyah’s foot testimony and perform the dance from church, to a group of women. It was so well received and all the women were just amazed at Kyah’s miraculous healing and now her ability to dance without any problems. We have found that this in itself has encouraged so many people to hold on to the promises God has given them. We need to know His will for us and stand on that promise no matter what we see in the real world. Believe what God says will come to pass.  Stand on His word and walk in faith and hope.

Isa 55:11 So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.

It ended up being quite a late night for all of us. Kyah ended up getting a bit of a head cold for the following 5 days, but she recovered very well. We need to look into her getting the flu injection very soon as a preventive measure for the winter months.

Kyah has been doing partner work each week this year and she generally works with the same partner. She is really enjoying working with him and he is slightly older and therefore more experienced, so he is giving her tips on how to work with him better. She just seems to be taking everything in her stride this year.

Kyah saw her physio and Jo complimented her on how much stronger she is getting. This was really nice to hear. Kyah is extremely flexible  (hypermobile) and usually people that are hypermobile find it harder to get strong and even harder to look strong. So all the effort she is putting in is finally coming to fruition. It is encouraging for both of us to have confirmation and see the results of the efforts.

The Bolshoi ballet are performing in June/July this year. I have purchased tickets for us to go see them. Neither of us have seen Spartacus live before, so I bought tickets to that.  It should be a great ballet to see, as the Bolshoi are renowned as being one of the best ballet companies in the world.

Kyah has made a couple of really nice friends with some girls in her ballet year. They seem to hang together, chat and get on very well. It is nice to see that Kyah is really enjoying what she is doing and the people she is with. What an absolute blessing to be in a situation where you totally enjoy what you are doing and the people around you. She has had some very positive feedback on her progress so far this year, which is wonderful too.

There was a 16th birthday party last weekend. Lots of people were there. Kyah had a great time. We then had to go to a friends birthday dinner party. So another long day for Kyah, but we make sure she has down time to recover and relax and regenerate, ready for the next week.

There is another busy week ahead. We are just so thankful for everything we have been given and seeing God’s plan come to fruition. Seeing these things come to reality definitely helps with reinforcing one’s faith. Kyah is relatively young and she has really been tried and tested.  For her to see the promises come about in her life has most certainly helped with her faith and hope.

Rom 8:28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.