Yay! Finally.

Well, it is official. Kyah has been accepted to Queensland Ballet for 2018 Senior Program. We received the fantastic news today. We have been waiting since September 9, 2017 when she had her audition. We knew it was going to be a few weeks until notification; knowing they had to conduct auditions in both Sydney and Melbourne before they could let anyone know. The wait was long and anxious. Finally we know. What a relief.

She is in. Praise The Lord. About 4 years ago, I believe I was given a vision and was told that God wanted Kyah in Queensland Ballet. Since then, she and I have worked hard to head in that direction. There have been so many humps in the road, distractions, blockages, and deterrents, it has been a constant struggle for both of us; mentally, physically and emotionally.

Needless to say, last years’ “blockage” / “deterrent” was the biggest issue that slowed up her progression. Not even that foot injury has been able to stop her from pursuing her dream, her passion, her goal and what I believe, is the right path for her.

This was taken in early 2016, before she went en pointe.

So many times along the way, with the humps slowing her up, trying to stop her from achieving this, many people have said “Maybe you’ve got it all wrong, maybe she doesn’t belong in Queensland Ballet”. My faith is very strong, when I know I have been told something, then I know it is going to happen. I believe and I know. And when you have faith, you just know. People that know me well, know I never lose faith or hope, if I know. But being on this journey, is the first time I have actually questioned my faith. Did I hear right? Was I imagining it? Is this just some fantasy dream? Am I making it up? What if I am wrong? Maybe I misinterpreted… So many doubts entered my mind. But talking to a few very close friends when times got tough, and subsequently, having that faith restored and rekindled was so essential for us to continue to where we are now. Thank you dear friends, xx.

There have been so many trials for both Kyah and I through this journey, of which we have only shared 1 year with you all. There have been times we have been told to walk away, to give up, not to continue, that it is my dream not hers, so many instances of abuse – verbal, physical and emotional – we have both just wanted to walk away, get out of the dance world. But we just couldn’t. We both know, she belongs in there. Hopefully Kyah will be a shining light of positivity,  encouragement, love, kindness, true joy, goodness and faithfulness. That is what she has been up until this point, and I pray that she continues to be that light when she starts with  Queensland Ballet next year.

This was part of a lyrical performance early 2016.

At the moment, the realisation of her acceptance has not yet sunk in for Kyah. I think once we start discussing the logistics of next year – where do we live – do we commute every day? Do we move up there? Do we ask her dad to move up?  Changing schools. Dancing every day at the same place with world-class dance teachers. Being around world-class dancers. Do I move up with her? What do we do with our house? So many things to sort out. It is all so exciting, and it will all work out as it is supposed to. We just need to trust and listen. God has created this opportunity for Kyah, and He will show us what to do to make it happen.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  We are so blessed to have such assurance, no matter what those plans are.


Still Waiting

Well, it has been a few weeks since Kyah’s audition with Queensland Ballet. We still haven’t heard anything as to whether she was successful or not. I assume we will hear sometime next week, because it has been over a month ago since her audition and three weeks since the auditions were held in Sydney and Melbourne. We are still hoping she is successful with the full time senior program with Queensland Ballet. Eagerly awaiting the news….

We received this painting (below) as a gift from a client of mine. Russell saw the photo of Kyah taken at the gold Coast Eisteddfod (put in here a couple of posts ago), and he asked if he could paint the image. Of course we would love him to! This is the wonderful result. Thank you so much Russell, we both love it. It is amazing how accurate the lines, her face, her fingers, everything is  and how he has replicated the photo so well. Needless to say, Kyah was so pleased to see a painting of her! The painting has been hung on a wall in a very prominent place in our home for all to see.


Towards the end of September, we went to see Okareka Dance Company perform Mana Wahine  at the Gold Coast Arts Centre. It is a New Zealand Dance Company and it is contemporary style of dance. It had some very different techniques, and dance at times was almost New Zealand tribal in nature. At the end, they had a Q & A for the audience to ask questions and obviously find out more about their company; that was interesting.

Kyah participated in a couple more eisteddfods – Lismore and Brisbane. She did fairly well, placing second and third in Lismore. She didn’t place in Brisbane but the competition was very different – they had to do a master class, and a repertoire and other dances. Some of these girls have been doing their repertoires for over 18 months. Kyah learned hers 3 months ago. It is all experience and over the time she has been learning it, Clare, her teacher, commented on how much Kyah had improved. This is what matters. Not the winning (it is nice to win), but the fact Kyah can look back and say – I learned this only 3 months ago and have performed it quite well. That is what dancing is about.

It’s funny, when Kyah participates in an eisteddfod or competition, she is not doing it to win. She is doing it to learn from each experience. It is about preparation; mental and physical, dealing with nerves, dealing with other people back stage, performing on different surfaces – some are very slippery and others aren’t, and so much more to consider. It is all practice for Kyah to perform in front of an audience. Some kids, and parents as well, take the whole scene very seriously, which is a bit disconcerting, and worrisome. Again, these are lessons for Kyah: to learn to deal with different personalities and the way people conduct themselves. She is doing really well with it. Sometimes I find she is more mature in her interaction with others than the adults themselves!!!

We went out with some friends of ours for dinner last week. It is always a great time catching up with Kate and Misha. Lots of laughs were had and I am sure we spent the most time in the restaurant than any other group of people….We were there for hours!!!  Good times are so precious. Thanks girls, x.

Kyah’s school load is not too bad at this current time. So we managed to get a walk in along Burleigh Beach. What a tough life we have – one of the world’s best beaches, right on our doorstep and we can use it with hardly anyone else. The water temperature wasn’t too bad. (Some would argue the water temperature is just perfect – me on the other hand would argue it needs to be at least 3-5 degrees warmer!). Let’s not go there. It was lovely to walk on the beach and get a bit of sunshine on the body, forget about school and work loads for a little while.

Burleigh Beach

Kyah has decided she will be dancing full time next year; whether it is with Queensland Ballet or another dance place. So between now and the beginning of 2018, we are going to focus on getting her really strong and stable. She has been having acupuncture to help strengthen her foot and to get her body in total alignment. Anyone can have a bit of misalignment with their bodies – especially if they exercise. So she’s having regular acupuncture to get her straight and she has an exercise routine she is following with a great deal of dedication. She knows the importance of being strong and stable. She also is very aware of the time out needed if she gets another injury – and she knows that prevention is better than cure.

We are going to see Queensland Ballet perform Peter Pan early November. We are hoping it is good. QB have never disappointed us yet. They are also putting Prelude ’17 is coming up in just over a week. This is where the senior program show their talent and what they have been working on throughout the year. It should be very good to see.

So we have a few things on, life is still very busy, and we continue waiting….

Prov 4: 11-12    I instruct you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths. When you walk, your steps will not be hampered; when you run, you will not stumble.