Plodding Along

This last week or so has seen Kyah gain a bit more self belief and confidence with her dancing. This is good. At least we are moving in the right direction. Slowly but surely. There are still lots of prayers that she will find her true, solid identity in Christ . Once she has this identity, everything else will fall into place.

School has been winding up this last week or so. Assessments and exams have been a focus. Kyah is very aware her education is extremely important and really does try hard and does well with her schooling. It was nice to hand the final test in today for the term.

Her dancing on the Mondays is going really well. Everyone in the little dance school is really nice. They all seem to be genuinely concerned about each other. They are all friendly and supportive towards each other – this is really nice. A very good environment for Kyah. They all have a competition on this weekend, that we purposely avoided putting Kyah into, because we did not know if she would be ready physically, mentally or emotionally. The stage she is at now in these areas, she would have been ready to participate in this competition. Again, this is ok, another bonus for boosting her confidence.

We had some very dear friends come around for dinner. A girls night really, just Kylie, SiSi, Kyah and I. The 2 younger girls really get on so well, and again, Kyah needs to be around nice people at the moment.

In the Science Centre, Brisbane Museum

We also went to Brisbane to see the turtles hatching. We went with Kirsten and Annie. What a lovely day. Again the 2 girls got on so well. We saw turtles actually hatching out of their eggs, brand new born turtles, 2-3 day old turtles and 1-2 week old turtles. So amazing. We also went to the GOMA (Queensland’s Gallery of Modern Art). Some displays were absolutely fascinating, others really didn’t appeal to us, but each to their own. All in all, with the queues we had to wait in, the traffic we got stuck in, all the things we saw, and the time we spent together  we had a great day.

We saw Beauty and the Beast as well as Boss Baby  on the weekend. Both movies were entertaining. We caught up with Nika and her kids to see Boss Baby. It was good to catch up with them. Kyah had a bit of a play with the kids after the movie. That was good for all of them. Nika and I chatted about Kyah and where she is at with her dancing. Nika is pleased she is gaining confidence and more or less recovering from the huge intensity of rehab and 1-on-1 private dance lessons. We will look at doing it again, but only when Kyah is ready.

We managed to get another session in at Planet Commando over the weekend too. It was good. We took a friend of ours this time, Gerry. He was entertaining to say the least. Unfortunately for him, he is now a bit worse for wear – I think he over did it, trying to keep up with us girls. His body is not used to the physical activity…. Won’t say any more.

Kyah finally caught up with a friend from dancing from last year. Tia, and her mum, Nadeen, will be going to New Zealand for the same dance comp we are going over for, so it was nice to see them before we  go. Catching up on what has happened with each other since Kyah’s accident was good for them both.

The biggest focus Kyah has now, is her first eisteddfod since her accident. She is supposed to be dancing on April 5, doing a classical solo en pointe. At this stage she is very ready and more than able to do it. She simply looks beautiful dancing again, and it is so hard to believe she actually had such an horrific injury only 6 months ago. I really think the test will be when she is on stage, en pointe dancing. I am almost certain that when I see this moment actually happen, I will be filled with tears of joy for my beautiful girl. What a little trooper to come back so well and so beautifully. She has definitely inspired a number of people and it is nice to hear this from them. Kyah has remained so humble and is hopeful she can inspire more people as time goes on.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Jer 29:11.

So much time has been spent praying for total healing for Kyah. I would again like to thank everyone who has supported us and prayed for Kyah. This is an absolute miracle in progress. It is so humbling seeing God’s work come to fruition. Still a long way to go though.

This weekend, Kyah has a workshop with Queensland Ballet, so that will be a nice diversion from the routine.  Her dad has come up to watch her dance her first dance back, which is planned for next week. This was really important to her, so I hope it happens.

At this particular moment that I am writing this, we are  very much affected by the heavy rain and storms we have been experiencing for the last 24 hours. So many roads are closed, the entire south east Queensland and northern NSW are affected. The amount of water lying around and heavy in the air is amazing. The tropical low we are experiencing from TC Debbie is huge. Just so much water everywhere…..

Finches flying freely at GOMA

Finches flying freely at GOMA

In the Science Centre, the Museum of Brisbane


Time is Passing

Another week has passed by. Thankfully, it has been mostly positive. Kyah is enjoying the dance school on a Monday, all day. The social interaction she is getting there is as valuable as the dance instruction at the moment.

She is settling into full time school again. I think she is enjoying feeling like a “normal” child.  The week itself was fairly non-eventful. Just dance and school. The weekend however, was busy and fun.

Saturday we went to Brisbane and watched Queensland Ballet perform RAW. It is 3 dance pieces choreographed by different people, each with their own story. No Man’s Land, Glass Concerto and Ghost Dances.  All fantastic performances and thought provoking. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sunday we went and celebrated Emily’s birthday. Lunch, and a game of Laser Tag and Ten Pin Bowling helped pass the rainy afternoon yesterday. Kyah is becoming less aware of her foot as each day goes by. She was playing outside with SiSI and Corby the other day and came in and said that she almost did an aerial on the ground! This was the action that she did when she injured her foot, so both of us imagined she would never, ever do another aerial in her life. Time will tell now.

Her goal is to “jump” on a trampoline, even if it is only a few jumps, just to overcome the blockage she has in her mind that she can’t do it. She will. I am noticing she is becoming more determined and more focused on achieving her goals. These things can only come from intrinsic triggers, and she is obviously developing these triggers, and therefore determination, which is great. Her mental attitude is getting stronger, which is perfect.

We finalised our trip for New Zealand yesterday. It is now all booked. Let’s see how we go. There is no pressure on Kyah to perform; if she feels confident enough to, then she will perform, if not, she won’t. It will be her decision.

Relaxing before Queensland Ballet’s RAW

Slow and Steady

This week has been a lot more positive than previous weeks. Kyah has had a lot of support around her – really nice people gathering around her to help improve her self belief and give her a bit of a sense of belonging as well as some fun. Thank you to everyone who has made a positive input into her life – it is so much appreciated and essential to a young person growing up.

Coming down after climbing the wobbly pole

We went up to Brisbane and listened to some of the dancers and staff of Queensland Ballet talk about their upcoming performance of RAW. Kyah really enjoyed that. Hearing 3 of the dancers’ perspectives of practicing and preparing for a performance as well as from the stager’s perspective and Li Cunxin was there co-ordinating it all. We are now very much looking forward to seeing the actual performance.

We met with a lovely young lady named Clare who may look at doing some work with Kyah so she can perform her solo dances throughout the year. Decision is yet to be made….

We caught up with some friends Taryn, Brooke and Connor on Friday and that was lovely. Kyah and Brooke get on so well and I think Kyah is really enjoying just being a “normal child”. Not dancing full time, not having to do her rehab and her practice every spare minute she has. I am amazed at the number of children out there that do actually focus on a goal they have, and don’t seem to miss the fun of growing up. I wonder if it will catch up with them at a later stage, or are they just wired differently to others….

We went to Planet Commando again and this time we did more than usual. I think we are overcoming the fear of the unknown and the height of some of the activities – so our nerves are more able to deal with more activities. It was a fun day.

Caught up with lots of people for coffees and meals, which was great. Usually these things get restricted to a minimum number each week because of time constraints, but at the moment, we have some time. We are both enjoying living a more “usual” life.

Yesterday we went Rock Climbing with some friends; Susan and Emma. It was a lot of fun. Some rather challenging activities and some just simply challenging. But all good fun. We are both still feeling massive side effects from the car accident we had in November 2016, which puts a dampener on the full enjoyment, but we don’t want to stop living because of neck and back pain.

Kyah is again at the dance school all day today; the same one from last week. She did enjoy it. The girls there are lovely and I think the fact she is around people her age is important to Kyah at this stage of her life. She received some very impacting compliments from a very well respected lady in the dance community, last week, so that definitely helped boost her confidence and belief in herself.

Let’s just hope we continue heading in this direction -so far so good.

Kyah and Emma

Climbing a very unstable ladder


Climbing a wall


A Little Breakthrough

Well, this week has been really difficult for both Kyah and I. She has seemed to be totally shattered in her belief in herself and simply thinking she is not able to dance. It is amazing how powerful and damaging words can be. Then when these words get in your head and you believe the lies… The power of the mind.

Thankfully, we have some lovely people around us that have started telling Kyah she is more than able and more than capable of achieving whatever she sets her mind to.

Through the course of last week, Kyah seemed to be falling into a depression of not being good enough and not ever being able to realise her dream – lies that she has believed from someone. Finally we decided that she should look at her future. Where does she see herself, what does she want to do. It always came back to dance. So the decision was made. Kyah’s injury occurred 1 week before her RAD Ballet exam. She obviously missed out on doing her exam. She has decided she will do that exam then see where she wants to go from there.

She will be going to a small dance studio 1 day per week to get her tuition and practice in for the exam, which hopefully she will be able to do in May, 2017. In the meantime, I think it is a good idea for her to attend a more relaxed dance place for some enjoyment. She loves dancing and if she can attend somewhere for fun, then she may find that love again. We are still searching for the perfect place – I am sure it is out there.

We saw the physio last Friday and she is so impressed with Kyah’s progress physically. She is totally happy with the strength, range and function of her foot. Kyah just needs to work on improving the stability up the chain, i.e. knee and hip stability… just like most people that are active. That was very encouraging for Kyah and I.

This last week I basically surrounded Kyah with good people. All of them gave her positives, love, encouragement, support. This is what she needs, while at the same time, finding herself and knowing that no matter the outcome or her decision, she is special and she is important and she is loved.  We had a very dear friend, Sandra,  come and visit us through the  week  – that was really special. Just love and laughter with her. We went to the beach with lovely friends of Kyah’s and mine: Kirsten and Annie. We had a lovely afternoon at the beach. We went out for dinner with our dear friend Madeleine. Then we picked up Anne and Nell from the Cruise Ship Terminal in Brisbane. We had a huge day shopping at Chermside; basically Daiso only. Time prevented us from doing other shopping there. Then we went and saw La Scala Ballet perform Romeo and Juliet, from Teatro Alla Scala. Roberto Bolle and Misty Copeland were just stunning as Romeo and Juliet. We all loved the performance. Then we raced to another part of Brisbane, had some dinner and watched Expressions Dance Company perform Propel. This is a contemporary dance company, and again, it was fantastic to watch.

On our way home, we drove past the Gabba and saw lots of cars and heard lots of noise. Found a car park, and along with a large number of people we listened to Adele sing her last 2 songs, just sitting on someone’s front fence. What a day and night.

Yesterday, we shopped with Anne all day, then caught up with more friends for dinner.

Today, Kyah is dancing all day. First time for over a week. I do hope she enjoys it and comes home happy, looking forward to next time.

We still need to address the issue of her doing her solo performances at the eisteddfods throughout the year….. and New Zealand is looming. We need to make a decision about that.

All I can say is that I am so grateful to everyone who has gathered around us this week, in so many ways – physically being with us, phone calls, texting, praying, emails, FB messenger… thank you everyone. Kyah is in a better place mentally and emotionally than what she was this time last week. I can only hope and pray it continues to get better.

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand. Proverbs 19:21