A Productive Day

What a great productive day we had.

Kyah has almost finished sorting, organising and setting up both her new bedroom and her new office for distance education next  year. I did the lawns and gardens, some re-potting of plants and I have started to re-do the side garden.

We went to Bunnings and bought some seedlings of lettuce, snow peas and cucumber, ready to plant.

Kyah did lots of rehab and then was treated with the ultrasound. Her foot is definitely improving, with her commenting that occasionally she walks almost without a limp. Her foot is still extremely stiff and slightly swollen now, but again she was able to walk around the shops without the moon boot. It is improving.

I think we really need to focus on the positives and ignore the nagging questions in the back of our minds, and the negativity of some people that will always try to de-rail your thoughts and plans. A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense. Pro 19:11





Another Milestone Reached

Kyah had an easy day today. No rehab… We had some dear friends, the Howie’s, come over for lunch. It was lovely sitting and chatting while Kyah played with the kids. We returned the push chair, so we have no more wheel chairs or push chairs in our house. We hope we will never, ever need one again. Thank you Kylie and Paul for everything you did, and are still doing, for us.

We had to go out in the afternoon. I strapped Kyah’s foot with a bandage and she managed to squeeze her foot into a shoe.  It was a bit tight and uncomfortable, but she managed to wear it for a short while.

Hopefully we can ditch the moon boot and get her walking in a more ideal pattern now. This will help the knees and hips that are starting to complain because of the length discrepancy. Oh, the things we need to deal with.

Back into it all tomorrow again. I am hoping and praying that Kyah sees and feels progress with her foot, to help encourage her to work harder. Time is ticking by and she needs to start thinking about trying to dance soon; in ballet flats first. Pointe shoes are not even a thought for her left foot until next year sometime…Image result for ballet shoes images free


Kyah’s First Walk

Today we went up to Redcliffe / North Lakes to look at another tutu for next year. It is planned that Kyah will be doing 2 different classical dances and therefore requires 2 different tutus.

The shop we went to had some lovely stuff. An outfit for her contemporary dance was bought, along with a Christmas present as well.

Our car had to go in for an assessment, to see the damage caused by the accident and we were told that yes, it was a fairly hard hit, because the bumper bar has been shoved up into the car itself. We kind of figured that because the boot now doesn’t open or close easily / properly.

We needed to go back to the chiro to get adjusted again. We also had to go to the police station to report the accident.

Today we went for Kyah’s first walk since her accident. A friend lives just down the road, so we walked down there. All of a 5 minute walk each way, but Kyah managed to do it fairly well. She preferred to stick to the road, where the terrain was more predictable. But she walked very well.

I am finding as time goes on that the mental side of this healing is going to be the biggest challenge. Kyah is aware she had some sort of extreme injury, but to this day, she has not really looked at “the photo”. The mental side of dealing with “my foot was detached from my leg”…. has got to be difficult for anyone to come back from. This was not a normal injury at all, and speaking to the physio last week, even she was unsure  as to what we are rehabbing…. A soft tissue injury that wasn’t really a soft tissue injury, the breaks are healed, there is restricted range, there is swelling, there is pain, there was no soft tissue injury, but the soft tissue needs to be treated  – strengthened, and stabilised.

The mental aspect of Kyah overcoming this injury will be the biggest hurdle she will have to overcome.  If she can do that, then yes, she will be invincible. Climbing that mountain is proving extremely difficult for her and I at the moment. I need to focus on this: The wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. (James 3:17). Some of these days are very tough. Kyah just needs to believe in herself and trust that God’s promise He gives in the light, still stands in the dark, and He will deliver, but she also needs to work for it.

img_6543 img_6544 img_6547




Back on Track

I finally feel like we are back on track. Kyah is able to walk without the moon boot, although she is still very cautious with foot placement. Her foot is no where near as uncomfortable and painful as it was. The swelling seems to have stayed down.

Kyah went and enjoyed a day with her friend Emily. They had lunch together and went to the pool. Kyah did some rehab while Emily did some laps. They had fun as well.

Then I had to go to work. Kyah came with me. We both got adjusted by Darren as soon as we arrived which definitely helped our very stiff, sore backs, from the car accident we had yesterday. Kyah did some rehab and lots of walking around. It is amazing how mobile she has become, in a very short period of time. Especially considering the severity of the initial injury.

Let’s hope with age on her side, she will heal completely and is able to dance professionally – her lifetime dream.

Kyah also did her pedicure. No more half-worn-off red nail polish for you to be subjected to.

We are off to look at tutus tomorrow, along with seeing the doctor and putting a police report in. Busy day, for a change….


Walking Again

Hooray! Kyah is back to walking fairly normally again. It only took 5 days for her foot to settle down, so she could actually get back to walking “properly” again and think about doing her rehab. A bit of a shame it flared up so badly, we will have to keep that in mind for next time she has treatment.

So we are now back into the rehab.

Unfortunately, we had someone run up the back of us yesterday in the car. A young P-plater, wasn’t concentrating behind us, and she hit us in the car. Both of us now have a very stiff sore neck and back. That’s OK, may as well add the back and neck to the list of rehab exercises…. Hmmm, something we could have done without…  We are very fortunate the accident happened in slow traffic, so the accident wasn’t bad at all. But it is still an inconvenience.

We will have to book in to see our trusty chiropractor colleague, Darren. He has worked absolute wonders for both of us, so I’m sure a stiff sore back and neck is easy for him to fix.


Image result for car crash cartoon

The Washing Soda Worked!

Can you believe it? The washing soda worked! Kyah woke up this morning and her foot was definitely less swollen that it has been in days. She said it even feels better.

We are so pleased. Now we must get back to the rehab – make up for lost time.

Kyah went to dancing today. First day she put a leotard and tights on since her accident.  She practiced her classical routines with her upper body. She did a little bit on her feet, but obviously not much. She even tried to put her ballet flats on and surprise, surprise, it did not fit her left foot; it is still too swollen to fit in her shoes. But it will come.

Kyah then stayed at Nika’s and did some rehab in the pool. She also did some homework there, and had dinner there! Kyah was totally immersed in the dance world again. She was so happy when I picked her up.

Let’s hope we don’t have any more set backs. The making of the tutus has to happen now, this too will encourage Kyah to keep on working.

img_6508   This is her foot before the washing soda

img_6513  This is her foot after the washing soda

Big difference. Pedicure is definitely on the “to do ” list…..

An Inspiring Day

Kyah’s foot is still swollen and very sore. Minimal rehab was done again. We need to focus on getting the swelling and pain down before she can weight bear, because if we don’t, she will weight bear with compensations. Anyone knows if you start compensating because of pain, you create bad motor patterns and set yourself up for more pain and dysfunction down the track.

So RICE was on the menu for the day.

Kyah went up to Brisbane to watch Queensland Ballet perform some open classes. Her teacher, Nika, took her up and they were able to watch 2 open classes. This was such a treat for Kyah.

A massive “thank you” to Nika; Kyah came home with a huge smile on her face and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. I am sure she was inspired by the beautiful dancers and just encouraged to continue on this journey of hers to achieve her goals.

Tonight we are trialling wrapping Kyah’s foot in washing soda. A friend suggested it and it reminded me of times gone by where people used to put washing soda in a pillow case and wrap it around the swollen joint (knees in particular), leave it on overnight, and in the morning the swelling is gone from the joint.

We can only try. Something has to get this swelling down.


It’s Still Sore

Today Kyah’s foot was still very sore. Not much rehab done again. Lots of icing, elevating of the foot and rest.

Kyah went out to the movies with her friend. It was a nice distraction for her. She watched the Australian Ballet perform Cinderella, which was lovely. The girls had lunch out as well, then Kyah had to RiCE  her foot again most of the afternoon and evening.

Let’s hope the swelling and pain subside by tomorrow, so she can get back into her rehab.

This picture shows how swollen her foot was this morning,  I wrap it with a bandage every night to keep the swelling down. Usually it works, but the last 2 days it hasn’t.  I think it’s time to hope for some miraculous progress.



A Set Back

Today, Kyah woke up feeling really sore, and her foot was stiff and swollen – more so than usual.

She tried to do some gentle range of motion dorsi and plantar flexion with her foot, and some gentle squats but the pain in her foot was too much. She had to stop.

I think the mobilising of the joints the physio did yesterday really upset her foot. So we had to go back to plan A – RICE and ultrasound.

We tried the rehab and stability but Kyah just couldn’t do it today. Very disappointing for Kyah but I explained to her she is going to have set backs in this journey and her being able to get through them is character building and will make her more determined to achieve her goals.

The chiropractor I am working with has been seeing Kyah on a fairly regular basis. He has been looking at her back and neck and adjusting them when necessary. 4 days ago he looked at her foot and did some tapping on it and Kyah reported it feeling a whole lot better. Maybe we need to reassess the treatments Kyah receives….

Just by chance we came across this passage today: Forget about what’s happened; don’t keep going over old history. Be present. I’m about to do something brand-new. It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it? There it is! I’m making a road through the desert, rivers in the badlands. Isaiah 43: 18-19

Let’s hold onto that promise – …a road through the desert, rivers in the badlands…

Tomorrow is another day, let’s take the road out of the desert. Let’s hope Kyah is able to do some stability and gentle strength work tomorrow. She won’t get stable and strong with just RICE and ultrasound.

img_6498    img_6499

A Big Step

Today was the first day Kyah was able to walk into the shower herself in 46 days. Yay! She walked carefully and I held her hand, but she managed herself. This means she can now move back to her bathroom for showering. It also means I don’t have to carry her anymore.

We saw the doctor to get the scan results and he was very impressed that Kyah was able to walk in with her moon boot on without crutches. The scan results showed no muscle tears and all the ligaments around her ankle completely intact. How absolutely amazing that with the injury she sustained, all her ligaments are completely intact. This in itself is a miracle. The skin also remaining intact is a miracle. Not a day goes by I don’t thank God for that miracle and that protection He provided for Kyah when the injury was sustained.

Essentially, we are now treating a soft tissue injury that was really only stretched  – but it was stretched beyond belief. Therefore we need to treat it extremely carefully. A bit of a funny one. She displays all signs of soft tissue injury – movement restriction, swelling, pain, poor blood flow, but she did not “injure” her soft tissue. The most important thing is that we remember how stretched her ligaments were and we cannot allow them to ever go back there. We must go very cautiously.

I used the ultrasound machine on Kyah’s ankle and calf and she reports that it feels better and “less restricted” afterwards. That is a good sign. We plan on using it twice each day to help speed up the healing process.

Today, for the first time since her accident, we saw a couple of Kyah’s tendons and ligaments on her foot. This indicates her swelling is going down, but not staying down, because they disappeared into the mass of swelling again. Let’s hope the appearance of these tendons and ligaments occurs more regularly and for longer every day now.


Her little leg still goes purple when she has been up and about and this will also hopefully stop when she manages to get full range in her ankle and is able to propel herself with her foot / ankle utilising her calf.

The physio did some mobilising of the joints and encouraged Kyah to do some partial squats and rises – always focusing on improving the range. At the moment the range is very restricted. we compared her right to left for calf range and she was significantly different with them. That’s ok – just another goal to achieve.