Some Direction

Today Kyah did some more rehab. Simply focusing on using unstable exercise equipment. This is to help activate her ligaments and tendons and wake up her nervous system in her foot again.

There is minimal movement of the foot and ankle, so there is minimal risk of injury or re-injury.

She saw Nika (dance teacher), today and they have come up with a plan – what stages she should be at and when, in order to achieve her dance goals. This has encouraged Kyah enormously, thank you Nika.

We are off to the doctor tomorrow to get a referral for an ultra sound to see if Kyah’s calf muscle is intact. we are believing it is completely fine, and that the lump is simply a knot and the lack of movement in the foot when the calf is squeezed is simply because the calf has atrophied.



A Great Distraction

Today we started setting up Kyah’s new school room. She has been doing Home Schooling this year because of the large number of hours of dance she was doing each week – 30+.

Next year we are going to have Kyah do distance education, which again, is from home. We decided to do that to take the pressure off me for planning, preparing and presenting, then ensuring the homework was done etc.

So, we started setting up her new school room. This means we need to make her current bedroom the school room, and set up a new bedroom. Lots of heavy lifting and moving of furniture – not done by Kyah, as well as lots of moving of clothes, books, files, pictures, “stuff” that one accumulates – all done by Kyah.

It is amazing how one manages with one functional foot. She moved a lot of nic nacs into the relevant rooms and has made great headway with setting up. Her foot looked purple a few times throughout the day, so she sat with it elevated and iced, while she was organising her filing cabinet or something else. Then off she went again.

She is really looking forward to the changes for next year – and while she has time to set them up, she may as well do them. She is a lot more positive when she has distractions – naturally. But it makes life bearable for those of us around her (me), who need to be there for the highs and lows of this journey.

Amazingly, Kyah’s foot is looking more normal than it was a few days ago and she commented that it is starting to feel like a normal foot again. This is positive. Lots of very careful rehab initially to prevent any further trauma, but once we have “taught” her ligaments to stay where they belong i.e. in a more preferred shortened position than her accident, we will be able to get out and about, walking on the soft sand, in the water, walking, etc. We are both looking forward to a more “normal” life again. Even going to the shops for the bare essentials is a task in itself with the crutches and the extra time it takes.

In a few months, this should all be a blur and the focus will be on the international ballet competition she is aiming to do.


Small Improvements

We are focusing on the little improvements Kyah is making each day.

Yes, the cast is off. Yay! One of the many positives of the cast coming off is that we don’t have to cover the cast with a garbage bag every time she showers. She is still sitting down in the shower at the moment, because she cannot fully weight bear on the foot, so we would rather err on the side of caution and have her sit. But her leg and foot can be washed now.

When she had the cast on, she had to sit with her foot elevated, so it was up on the bucket. Now she just sits and both feet can touch the floor. we are both very grateful for small mercies. No garbage bag is one of them.


This is how the shower was set up when she had her cast on. Now the bucket is not needed for elevating the foot. The throne.


The moon boot is being used throughout the day, especially when we go out or Kyah needs to move around a lot. Other than that, I am putting a compression bandage on her foot at night for her to sleep. The rest of the time, her foot is not in anything. She moves it as much as she can. She made a comment this evening, that it is starting to feel like a real foot again. It is starting to reduce in swelling, but the range in her foot is still very restricted.


At the moment, this is the extent of pointing (plantar flexion) Kyah is able to do.

I purchased an ultrasound machine today. As soon as it arrives we will use it every day for 15-20 minutes. This will definitely help with speeding up the recovery process. We won’t need to wait to see the physio for ultrasound.

I set up Kyah’s bike on the wind trainer and she did some pedalling with no resistance for about 5 minutes. She also did some partial weight bearing on a foam pad – this helps activate her proprioceptors, and therefore improve the stability in her foot.

All little steps in the right direction. Patience is a gift we are both learning on this journey.


A Clear Bed

Yay! Today we removed the table from in the bed. Yes, I had a table in the bed, under the covers. The purpose of this was to have the sheets up, off Kyah’s foot.

Her foot itself is feeling so much better, she is now able to cope with the weight of bedsheets on it. Also the fact that the plaster is off & her foot has more movement, allows the weight of the sheets to move the foot at the ankle & the toes, instead of just at the toes. So no more table in the bed. A normal bed again.

We went & saw the physio today. Poor Cybele was a bit frazzled after seeing “the photo”. A rather large challenge for her. It is nice & reassuring to have another person’s opinion & thoughts on progress for rehab. Yes, what we have been doing is right. Let’s continue slowly; prevent any unnecessary additional trauma to the foot.

Cybele thinks Kyah may have torn her calf muscle because she shows signs of a positive Thompson test. Kyah & I are believing otherwise. There is no reason for her calf to have torn, there is no bruising there, yes, her calf seems unresponsive, but it’s been in a cast for 5 weeks & 2 days, & even now is not getting much work.

Back to the doctor for a referral for an ultrasound. Then we see how we go.

Lots of prayers for nothing wrong with the calf, complete healing with Kyah’s ankle. Full stability, strength & function to return in a timely manner & ready for pointe shoes early next year.

Mark 5:34 Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed.




The Start of Rehab

We measured Kyah’s foot and compared it to her right foot. Took lots of photos so we can see the progress she is going to make.

There is quite a marked difference between left and right feet and calves. Hopefully this is the one and only time Kyah has a “cankle”.

Aim: delete the “cankle”, reduce the swelling, improve range, improve strength, improve function, improve stability, improve confidence.

We went out and about today, I was amazed at the negativity of some people. On 3 different occasions today, people told Kyah she will be lucky if she gets to walk again properly, let alone dance again, let alone at the level she wants to! How amazing that people who do not know Kyah would say that. Hang on, why would anyone say that to anybody anyway? Let’s try to instil positivity in all our children and maybe it will impact the world positively. (Dreaming big here).

The mental aspect of this rehab is going to be the hardest of all, and really Kyah does not need to be told by anyone she will never succeed. This is her journey and she and I are determined she will make it. This is her dream, her passion, her gift, and she will succeed.

Again, thank you to all of you who are encouraging Kyah. It really is giving her hope and determination.

Yay! It’s Off!!!

We went to the hospital today. The cast came off and Kyah had another x-ray. It shows her tibia is completely healed and the avulsion fracture in her fibula has actually moved closer toward the main portion of the fibula; which is fantastic. Apparently this bone chip may move closer to the fibula and actually connect and heal… One can hope. Even though there will be no long term negative effects of having an avulsion fracture, we are now hoping and believing it will heal completely.

The specialist poked and prodded her foot and there was no pain at all. Yay! It is very atrophied (no muscle), still swollen and bruised but Kyah is able to flex and extend her foot minimally.

Kyah has been given a moon boot to wear for the next 6 weeks. She is to now progress from partial weight bearing to full weight bearing and when we go back in 6 weeks it is expected she will be out of the moon boot.

Now the hard work begins. Lots of stability and strength work to be done. Hopefully the left foot and leg that is on Kyah will soon look like it actually belongs to her! I’m sure it won’t be long.

Needless to say Kyah is extremely happy to have the cast off. She now has something to look forward to and some goals to set.

First thing she did when we got home was soak her foot and leg, and wash and scrub it. Let’s just say – it needed to be washed, scrubbed, cleaned, exfoliated.