It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Today was great! I only had to work a half day today instead of the usual long days I have been working. We were home by midday.

Kyah got all the Christmas decorations out from storage, and… we set up the Christmas tree. Most decorations went up around the house, but if any of you know us,  there is more than just the Christmas tree that gets decorated. There are nativity sets that get strategically placed around the house , home made Christmas chains, window decals, Christmas ornaments to display, home made decorations we have made together, tinsel, then the outdoor lights and decorations. It has always been more than a one day job for me, especially with the lights outside too.

Anyway, the majority of the decorations were put up – window decals and outdoor lights to go. Kyah is happy. There are a couple of presents under the tree – for me from Kyah! She is definitely on to it – wrapped Christmas presents!!!

We had to see the doctor again for the resulting back and neck pain we have from the car accident. The smash repairs also contacted us to say they need our car for longer, because there was much more damage underneath that they were not aware of. So we may get our car back in 3 days. It’s not a problem; we have a hire car, thankfully.

The doctor was impressed with Kyah walking in to the surgery so well, and without any bandage. Sometimes, she goes out without a bandage on, but most of the time, she wears a bandage or strapping tape. That will progress as her strength and stability improve.

Kyah did a bit of rehab and her foot is feeling a lot better than Tuesday.  It seems like she is doing the same stuff over and over, but she really needs to perfect this level before she can progress to more challenging activities. It will happen.

Even though we are busy doing life, it seems as though the foot and the injury still consume a lot of our mind space. It will be so nice when this is a distant memory and Kyah can dance more-than-perfectly and has no residual effects from this. We are still praying and believing for this.

Some of the girls I train commented on Kyah’s foot not being as swollen as it has been. This is positive. Tomorrow, I will re-measure it and see.

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The Sleepover

Kyah had a great time at the sleepover.Lots of fun, laughter, food and a late night. What more could a girl want with a sleepover?

Unfortunately, Kyah came back with a very sore foot. Who knows why?? Could be any thing. She was most upset and distressed because her foot was so sore. Plenty of reassurance, some gentle massage and strapping her foot so it couldn’t move solved the problem.

Nin drove Kyah to dancing because I was working. Thank you so much Scheuner family for helping me out with Kyah while I’m working. Kyah loved dancing . She danced on flats, but obviously not full out. She was totally strapped with tape so her ankle would not move at all.

When she arrived back at work, Jaclyn, a podiatrist, was at work explaining to me how to relocate the cubiod bone and suggested Kyah use a specific type of orthotic, that stimulates the nervous system. Once I saw how these orthotics work I was quite amazed. We will definitely be seriously considering getting some for Kyah once she can actually wear a shoe and fit her foot in it as well as the orthotic.

Anyway, rehab had to be done today – just for a change… Rehab everyday. Slowly but surely we must work to the goal.




More Rehab

Today was a good day again. Kyah did lots of rehab then went to a friend’s place for the day and a sleep over. It is very strange not having Kyah beside me – where ever I go, she goes. It will be 26 hours without Kyah beside me.

I know they had lots of fun organising Charmaine’s pantry, playing with the chickens, swimming in the pool (and I am assuming lots of rehab was done in the pool), playing games. Priceless times.

It is so nice to have so many good friends around us.  Thank you Charmaine, Mia and Chloe for entertaining Kyah and minding her for such a long time.

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Putt Putt

Today we went to Putt Putt with Emily. It was a hot day and we played the water course. It was much cooler with the water around us and the umbrellas for shade. Fortunately, no balls went in the water.

For the first time ever, Kyah got a hole in one! Not just once, but she got one 3 times! Happy girl.

After that, we wandered around Pac Fair for a while and looked in some rather expensive shops; Prada, Tiffany and Co and Louis Vuitton, to name a few.  Then we came home and Kyah did some more choreography while Emily was her graceful student.

Kyah did lots of rehab in the late afternoon and her foot is slowly improving. Very slowly. It is such a long, slow journey, but one that must be walked. Only time will tell if Kyah is able to ever dance en pointe again.

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A Good Day

Today was good. Kyah did lots of rehab for her foot and it is definitely progressing with her stability. It is no where near what it should be but it is amazing how good it is already. Kyah has a long way to go with complete stability and strength  – but her progress is fantastic.

She is doing lots of work on the foam pad and the foam balance beam and using the body blades which are also helping her shoulders; they are very hypermobile so the improvement in stability with them will be very beneficial.

Kyah’s cubiod was out of place again, so she used the massage ball and put it back in. I have strapped her foot to help the bone stay in place. Let’s hope the stability exercises she is doing will help train the ligaments to keep the bone in place permanently.

We did the grocery shopping after work and we used our new shopping bags. They are so easy to use especially when you shop at Aldi. Kyah loved using them, and as we were walking around the shops  we noticed lots of people were looking at us. We decided maybe they have “bag envy”. They shouldn’t be envious, they should go and buy their own – they are fantastic.


It’s Back In!

Yay! The cuboid bone is back in. I explained to Kyah the situation with her foot and the potential future complications she may have if the cuboid is left out of place for any length of time

I checked out “Dr Google” for various methods of trying to relocate the cubiod. One was definitely not an option, another was a good option. I also prayed about it and I was assured the cubiod would be relocated by the end of the day.

Throughout the day, Kyah was using a massage ball under her foot to gently “encourage” the cubiod to go back. She felt the hole that was there and after some time, she felt there was no gap any more.

Image result for cuboid syndrome free image

She did some rehab and strength work through the day while she was at work with me. When we came home in the evening, I looked at her foot and was going to undertake a manipulation as directed by “Dr Google”. I assessed her foot movement and looked for the hole that had been there; the movement was great, and there seemed to be no gap or hole anymore.

Kyah explained to me what she had done and said it felt better. We can only assume it is back in place. Praise The Lord. We just need to pray that it stays where it is supposed to and doesn’t come out again. Thank you to those of you who prayed – this is definitely a prayer answered.

Watching Kyah do things such as walk along a foam pad, is like there is nothing wrong with her foot, but she is not stable with many other stability activities. The restricting factors we have at the moment is the lack of stability, the restricted range of movement in her foot, the strength in her ankle, and obviously, the biggest factor: confidence. All these aspects of rehab are being addressed and slowly they are improving.

What an amazing journey so far. People that see Kyah each week are amazed at her progress. The ultimate goal is to get back on pointe – it seems this goal is slowly moving closer although there is a huge way to go yet to be anywhere near where she was before.


A Fun Day

Today I worked all day, so we are extremely thankful, Becky and Emily picked Kyah up.  They went to the pool and Kyah did some rehab in there, as well as had some recreation time.

Then they had lunch, did some art and craft, watched a movie and then they decided to make up some dances. Kyah loves choreographing dances and is pretty good at it. It looks like the girls had fun, and this is the main focus now.  It is nice to see Kyah actually “dancing” again – even if it is mucking around.

The girls had a lovely day and there was lots of laughter, in a fun-filled day. This is just what Kyah needs. Thank you Becky and Emily.

The physio the other day showed us Kyah’s cuboid bone has dropped and she is hoping she can manipulate it back in to place. The correct placement of this bone in your foot is essential for ideal mechanics for the foot to propel itself along. I am training a guy at the moment who has had his cuboid bone out of place for a couple of years now and he is looking at surgery to hold it in place. The result of the displacement he has had for this length of time is that he can’t walk properly, he needs  to wear a moon boot whenever he is out and about, there is obvious deformity of the ankle and calf and constant, extreme pain.

We now have to pray and believe that Kyah’s cuboid bone will go back into place and stay there and she will not have a similar resulting effect.

The physio is booked out until December 6, so it looks like I need to do something with Kyah before that…. eeek! I will explain to Kyah the situation and hopefully she will let me massage her foot and try to manipulate this cuboid back into place. The sooner it is done, the better.

Please can those of you that believe in the power of prayer, pray that this bone relocates immediately, and Kyah has no residual effects or pain from this current displacement. Thank you all so much.

Looking good girls!!!




A Little More Progress

Today saw a little more progress for Kyah with her foot. She has not used the moon boot for 3 days now and is enjoying being able to simply use a normal shoe – one that is adjustable enough to fit the bandage strapping in it along with the still slightly-swollen foot.

Kyah did some rehab today and the foot is feeling pretty good. The swelling is slowly going down and even though she is still limping when she walks and is not confident on her foot, she is improving.

We really need to focus on the small improvements from day to day, even if it is only a small improvement. Focusing on the positives is much better than looking at the negatives.

The physio yesterday said Kyah’s cuboid bone may be slightly dropped so she has strapped it for now and we are hoping it will be  relatively easy to “encourage” back into place.

It’s still swollen, but looking better each day.



A Really Positive Day

Today was a really good day. Kyah was keen to do her rehab and her school work. It seemed it was not an effort for me to get her to do it, she just seemed to get it done. I’m hoping this attitude stays.

Kyah went to dancing today and took her pointe shoes. Only one shoe was worn! Left one was not even considered…. It is good mentally and physiologically to start practicing dancing in her pointe shoe. Getting back into what she has known for so long is great for her, from a number of perspectives. It is still a very long road ahead. The left foot is not pointed much at all, so it looks quite strange. But, it will get there.


We started discussing colours and designs for the second tutu. The first tutu is for a specific dance so the colours are already decided based on the colours of other tutus that perform that repertoire. The second tutu however, is for Kyah’s classical solo, so we can make it look any way we like. Again, discussing these things is exciting for Kyah and brings the goal a little closer to becoming a reality.

Watching the tutus come to the finished product is very exciting. It is also very time consuming, so they must be started now.

The new physio was very encouraging too. She seemed to know what she was doing and was very reassuring with her assessment and prescription of very specific exercises. She was amazed at how far Kyah has come in such a short time considering the injury. This was great feedback for us and she also said to continue what we have been doing  – so it is good.

Let’s hope tomorrow is as positive as today.



A Lovely Breakfast

We met up with our dear friends Amanda and Taylah for breakfast this morning. We haven’t seen them for so long, it was lovely to sit and catch up before Taylah had to go to school. Thank you girls for making the time to see us.

We went to the doctor and got a referral to see another physio. A friend has highly recommended this one because she specialises with olympic gymnasts and ballerinas. Let’s see if she has something else to offer us.

Some school work was done and some more organising of the new rooms for Kyah – it seems like an endless task now…. hmmmm.

Then we went to my work. Kyah decided she did not want to wear a bandage at all, nor use the moon boot or anything to support her foot. So for the first time since September 25, 2016, Kyah went out without something on her left foot. Wow! Another milestone reached.

She did some rehab at the gym. Some squats and rises on unstable surfaces and some walking along the foam balance beam. She is improving with her general stability and her range is slowly improving. still a long way to go, but at least we are heading in the right direction.

We are so thankful for all the positives we have in our lives. There really are so many.

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